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A book that is sacred to those from Valyria.

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Page 56 / 77[]

It reads, "Woe to the scions of Valyria! In the end of a Great Age, there shall fall a doom upon the Good Lands, and the land shall birth fire and demons..."

"This red star is the blood in the snow, which shall be spilt when come the ancient lords of winter once more. Beware the coming of the bloody star."

Page 117 / 121[]

It reads, "In the time following the Doom shall come the Long Night again. You shall know it by the burning of a star in the sky. Witness its red fire and know..."

"The red star is the dragon's breath, and it warns of the coming of the ancient lords of the Long Night. Beware the coming of the bloody star!"

Page 256 / 273[]

It reads, "And so died the eldest dragon of its Age. Our ancestor wept to see such beauty perish, but heeded its words and plucked from it's skull a great fang..."

"This fang he wrapped in bands of Valyrian steel. It shall serve as a warning when burns the bloody star in the sky once more. Guard against the Long Night!"

Unnumbered Pages[]

"That is the Dragon's Fang I have left for you, hidden in Driftmark in Blackwater Bay. Retrieve it when the prophecies of the Long Night are upon us."

The remainder of the Visions of Old Valyria contains dreams and prophecies, accounts of ancient Targaryen kings and other Valyrian lords.