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World Dragon Attack
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Quest Rebirth Completed

Hello!  My name is DuncanOH , and this is a guide for those of you who want to take the tips in my Beginners Guide to the next level, and speed through reincarnation after reincarnation to collect all of the fealty buildings, making it possible to hatch a dragon!

I will divide this guide into Four sections:

Firstly: Mindset and Priorities
Secondly: A Quick Walkthrough
Thirdly: Strategy
Fourthly:  Items

How much time should it take per reincarnation?  One or two weeks.  Note that I didn't say one TO two weeks, but one OR two weeks.  Why? Gold.  You get gold every seventh day, and you will need a decent amount of it to get you to full power.  You can (and probably should) spend 20$ (US) to get some helpful things from the shop, but I don't think you will need to spend any more than that.  20$ is a good price for a fun game,  You can spend more real life monies if you want to speed it up even more, but five to ten weeks sets you well ahead of the curve.  

If you have any questions about what you keep and what you lose during reincarnation, all of that is covered on the Reincarnation page.

Mindset and Priorities

Firstly, what should your mindset and priorities be as you go through the reincarnation process?

Your goal is to be on the Iron Throne.  To that end, you are trying to get as much power as possible.  To that end, you want a dragon.  To that end, you need all five fealty buildings and an egg.  To that end, you need to reincarnate at least four times.

Your priorities, therefore, should be:

  1. Speed
  2. Your focused statistic
  3. Permanent Items
  4. Power

So, when in doubt, do whatever gets you to reincarnation fastest.  If you can't see what will do that, focus on what will get you higher in your statistic you are focusing on.  If you can't, or aren't sure, choose the option that moves you closer to the permanent items you will need.  If all other things are equal, do something that increases your power (like visiting a friend's holdings).  If you keep in mind your goal, to take the Iron Throne (preferably with a dragon), and focus on these four things, you will be in the top thousand players within a few weeks, and well on your way to ultimate victory.


Early Game

Upgrade Counting House to level 20, get 5-6 SS, upgrade Village Center to level 7, build all fealty buildings to which you have access, achieve level 30, your primary statistic to 40, upgrade Workshop to level 3 and produce 3-5 Dirks and Roughspun Cloaks, also Eavesdroppers (from Embassy ).  Upgrade the Smithy , Embassy, or Market (whichever corresponds to your primary statistic) to level 7 and start producing items that will be combined into high-powered items later.  This step should take a day or two.

Mid Game

Through upgrading buildings and getting better equipment, raise your primary statistic to 200.  Power through quests from all four volumes, helping allies with quests whenever possible.  Steadily increase your number of sworn swords to over a dozen.  Bake as much Bread and brew as much Ale as possible.  If you are going for the Obsidian Dagger, purchase extra Sworn Swords and complete the 400 Adventures you will need, training their stats in Barter or Spy or however you plan to achieve your 400 PtP wins later.  If you stay focused, this step should take 4-8 days.

Late Game

As you wait for the final four chapters of Volume 1 to finish, cease most of the rest of your questing and adventuring and focus sending your Sworn Swords on Barter missions to your lower level allies, especially those who just reincarnated, or however you are trying to get an Obsidian Dagger.  Join every quest you can, and help your allies complete boss challenges that are much harder than they could complete on thier own.  Since you no longer need silver for upgrades or production, spend it all on more sworn swords.  Continue producing Bread and Ale, and if you are in an active alliance, produce the items to donate for challenges.  Your role is the helper; this reincarnation will pretty much take care of itself by this point.  This step shold take two to three days, or up to a week if trying for a Dagger.

Reincarnate :

Once you have completed Volume 1 and are ready (you have your Dagger if you were going for one), follow Gammer Wildes instructions in the Rebirth quest.  Choose to make your fealty building talent permanent, and start all over again!


In order to achieve ultimate victory, you are going to need some strategy.  In this section, I will talk about statistics, talents, Sworn Swords, quests, buildings and upgrades, and friendliness.


You have three stats, Battle, Trade, and Intrigue.  Each of those has three actions associated with them, and being successful with those actions is how you progress through the chapters.  As such, it is vitally important for your speed that you manage your statistics carefully.

First off, I only recommend focusing on one statistic per reincarnation, with one or two exceptions that will be mentioned later.  By focusing all of your attention and resources on the one statistic, you speed up your progress through the game.  Here is a breakdown of the three statistics with pros and cons of each.

Battle: Fight, Harass, and Aid

Pros: only 2 points in Chapter 1 where you can't battle your way through a situation.  Three of the five fealties focus on Battle, meaning you get more potential bonuses to this stat, and are better able to defend yourself against the primary statistic of the majority of players.  Easy and fast to gain and straightforward to use.

Cons: Difficult to gain PtP wins without making lots of mortal enemies.

Trade: Barter, Swindle, and Bribe

Pros:  Barter is the best friendly PtP action, so this will make you a beloved teammate.  Several early-available items add massive boosts to Trade.

Cons:  Focusing on this statistic means your Battle will be a little low, leaving you potentially vulnerable to attack.

Intrigue: Spy, Sabotage, Steal

Pros: Spy is the fastest PvP action (assuming the Foreign Diplomat premium upgrade is working correctly), allowinng you to gain PvP wins quickly.  Very few people focus on this statistic, so your PvP missions are more likely to succeed.  Sabatoge is a good way to deter attacks from Battle-strong aggressors.

Cons: Like Trade, focusing on anything but Battle makes you a more likely target for aggressive players, but, due to Sabatoge, you are more likely to be able to deter further attacks, and with Steal you can keep up with them.


I recommend you focus on Battle.  It is easy, straightfoward, and will deter many PtP attacks.  There are great uses for Trade and especially Intrigue, but I don't think the benefits outweigh the costs (with the notable exception of being Targaryen to get the Obsidian Dagger with Spy missions).  I still recommend starting with Baratheon, because they are so easy, and ending with Greyjoy.


You get your first talent at level five (one is already assigned, so I have that listed as level 4), so how should you spend them?

Here is what I am using, and it is working very well.  "Bank" means to leave it unassigned (save it) to be spent later.

Potential Talent builds, non-premium
Level Baratheon Greyjoy Stark Lannister Targaryan
4 Fierce Conviction 1 Harsh Isolation 1 Unwavering Loyalty 1 Golden Wealth 1 Endless Endurance 1
5 Vicious 1 Pillage 1 Direct Route 1 Unload 1 Information Exchange 1
6 2 2 2 2 2
7 3 3 3 3 3
8 4 4 4 4 4
9 5 5 5 5 5
10 6 6 6 6 6
11 7 7 7 7 7
12 Vicious 8 Pillage 8 Direct Route 8 Unload 8 Information Exchange 8
13 Fealty Building Fealty Building Fealty Building Fealty Building Fealty Building
14 Fierce Conviction 2 Harsh Isolation 2 Unwavering Loyalty 2 Golden Wealth 2 Endless Endurance 2
15 3 3 3 3 3
16 4 4 4 4 4
17 5 5 5 5 5
18 6 6 6 6 6
19 7 7 7 7 7
20 Fierce Conviction 8 Harsh Isolation 8 Unwavering Loyalty 8 Golden Wealth 8 Endless Endurance 8
21 Bank 1 Bank 1 Bank 1 Bank 1 Bank 1
22 2 2 2 2 2
23 3 3 3 3 3
24 4 4 4 4 4
25 5 5 5 5 5
26 6 6 6 6 6
27 7 7 7 7 7
28 8 8 8 8 8
29 Bank 9 Bank 9 Bank 9 Bank 9 Bank 9
30 Planned Route 1-8, Swift Help 1-2 Favorable Terrain 1-8, Swift Help 1-2 Swift Help 1-8, Planned Route 1-2 Only Business 1-8, Incentive 1-2 Inside Agent 1-8,  Easy Marks of Cover of Night1-2
31 Swift Help 3 Swift Help 3 Planned Route 3 Incentive 3 Easy Marks of Cover of Night 3
32 4 4 4 4 4
33 5 5 5 5 5
34 6 6 6 6 6
35 7 7 7 7 7
36 Swift Help 8 Swift Help 8 Planned Route 8 Incentive 8 Easy Marks of Cover of Night 8
37 Bank 1 Arms of the Kraken 1 Bank 1 Bank 1 Bank 1
38 2 2 2 2 2
39 Bank 3 3 3 3 3
40 Mutual Benefit 1-4 4 Mutual Benefit 1-4 Mutual Benefit 1-4 Mutual Benefit 1-4
41 5 5 5 5 5
42 6 6 6 6 6
43 7 7 7 7 7
44 Mutual Benefit 8 Arms of the Kraken 8 Mutual Benefit 8 Mutual Benefit 8 Mutual Benefit 8
45 Incentive 1 Mutual Benefit 1 Incentive 1 Your Choice (if in doubt, try Swift Help) 1 Incentive 1
46 2 2 2 2 2
47 3 3 3 3 3
48 4 4 4 4 4
49 5 5 5 5 5
50 6 6 6 6 6
51 7 7 7 7 7
52 Incentive 8 8 Incentive 8 Your Choice 8 Incentive 8
53 Bank 1 Incentive 1 Bank 1 Bank 1 Bank 1
54 2 2 2 2 2
55 3 3 3 3 3
56 4 4 4 4 4
57 5 5 5 5 5
58 6 6 6 6 6
59 Bank 7 7 Bank 7 Bank 7 Bank 7
60 Guerrilla Tactics 1-8 Incentive 8 Dire Need 1-8 Turnaround 1-8 Traitors 1-8
61 Homeward March 1 Plunder 1 Shortest Path 1 Closing In 1 Hide 1
62 2 2 2 2 2
63 3 3 3 3 3
64 4 4 4 4 4
65 5 5 5 5 5
66 6 6 6 6 6
67 7 7 7 7 7
68 Homeward March 8 Plunder 8 Shortest Path 8 Closing In 8 Hide 8
69 Direct Route 1 Shortcut 1 Vicious 1 Upside 1 Profits or Lynchpin 1
70 2 2 2 2 2
71 3 3 3 3 3
72 4 4 4 4 4
73 5 5 5 5 5
74 6 6 6 6 6
75 7 7 7 7 7
76 Direct Route 8 Shortcut 8 Vicious 8 Upside 8 Profits or Lynchpin 8
77 Dire Need 1 Direct Route 1 Guerilla Tactics or Descendants of the First Men 1 Resale 1 Cutpurse or Conspiracy 1
78 2 2 2 2 2
79 3 3 3 3 3
80 4 4 4 4 4
Reincarnate! Reincarnate! Reincarnate! Reincarnate! Reincarnate!

Hopefully this helps you, and makes sense.  You want to maximize your ability to complete quests as soon as possible, through action speed and attack percentages.  You also want to increase your ability to give help through Barter (see why later), and then you want to have a backup action for those quests that don't allow you to use your primary action.  Please note that these would change slightly if you were going for PvP wins or had premium talents.

Sworn Swords

These represent your ability to progress through the game.  As such, you will spend a large amount of time using them.  You need to do is to buy 5-6 sworn swords as soon as possible.  You need them so that you can move forward in the quests rapidly.  It doesn't matter what their specialty is, just buy the common and uncommon sworn swords (you don't need rare or better through the first 4 reincarnations).  If they are in your stat, great!  If not, no big deal.  Still hire them.  There are enough quests that have a defending power of under 10 that you can still use them.  If you have a plethora of non-your-stat swords, ignore what they are SUPPOSED to be and train them in your statistic. For example, you may wind up with a level 14 SS who started as an uncommon merchant, but you trained them exclusively in Battle, with a 1% harrass specialization.  With uncommon and common sworn swords, they aren't there to contribute thier measly 1 or 2 points to your total, they are there to take advantage of your characters statistics and your sweet items.  Use them, and abuse them.  Take their soul if they let you.  But go through the quests as quickly as possible.  From time to time, it is worth it to designate a sworn sword to become a "hero" by training them quickly on Adventures so that they gain experience very quickly and can complete even harder quests.  I don't see a point of training a SS past level 14 while you are powering through reincarnations.  See the Item's section for more information on multitasking these training sessions with smart item farming.

Once you are in the late game (base stat over 200, sworn swords are regularly showing over 400 power when attempting a quest), you should buy pretty much every Common or Uncommon Sworn Sword that comes along. Your allies will benefit from the Barter missions, and you will want more SS than you have Command Points if you are going for the Obsidian Dagger.


It isn't necessary to succeed in every quest for the story to progress.  In Volume 1 Chapter 3, you get two quests with defending powers of 100 and 125.  Just attempt them.  If you lose, you will still move on.  If you can attempt a quest, do so, and add a boon if it looks difficult.  The only reason to wait if you have a free SS is if you get into the quest, see that the power of defense is pretty high (or you aren't able to use your primary action), and you want to wait for a more specialized SS to try it instead.

The alignments don't mean all too much.  If you are a completionist, make sure you complete the title achievements based on backgrounds (see here ).  I haven't quite discovered all of the intricacies here, but trying to max out old ways, intrigue, and realm as Greyjoy resulted in getting a weirwood bow , midnight cloak , and champions greathelm in the first few chapters of volume 1.

The Bonus Quests, I recommend doing as quickly as possible.  Every once in a while, you run across a really good one.  For example, make SURE you send your best sworn sword to complete the one about Ghischari Ruins, since you will get a Vellum Scroll (+3 Trade, +3% barter) or a small chance for Law of Masters Scroll (+20 Trade! + 7% swindle and bribe).  You want that.

Now, here is where you can boost your speed and stats immensely. Call a friend (or two) who is a high level. Skip ahead to Volume 3 (ignore the warning, and resign yourself to the story being Tarintino'ed), and have them help you complete Ser Hugo's Finest Hour.  You will get a Fire Archer. This is a great unit to have, and you can get it as soon as you complete the prologue, as long as you have good friends. Now, train some more sworn swords, and have them try thier luck at the quests in Volumes 2, 3, and your house volume. When you hit a boss fight, invite your friends to help you.  They will get really good rewards like Wildfire, Toy Knights, and Legerdemain, and you will get fantastic items like Greatswords, Champions Greathelms, or Curved Daggers. Keep in mind, this accelerates your Power gain as well as getting you silver and items you need to speed through to your next reincarnation.

Help your friends and allies by joining thier quests, even if you are too low a level to make a big difference.  You will add to both players' power, get some gold and either a resource or a boon, and maybe even get a high-score reward by default!  It's really fun and helpful to be a high level player and help someone fight Lord Brus Roxton where you can speed their reincarnation by doing 10x the damage they can, meaning they complete that quest in a few minutes instead of an hour, and you both get some quick power and silver from it.

Whenever you have a wounded sworn sword, remember that if you send them on a mission that will take longer to complete than they will to heal, it won't affect you at all.  Just make sure not to view the results of any adventure or quest until after the SS heals.

Buildings and Upgrades

This section will go into detail on what you should be doing for each building.

Counting House

This will be produced in the Prologue.  Your first task is to get Silver Bars to level 10, then the whole thing to level 20.  If you can do it all in your first sitting, good for you, but if you are about to go to sleep or something where you won't be able to check the game for a while, upgrade your stacks and bags of coin to increase the amount you will receive when you get back to the game.  I don't think the premium upgrade it worth it, since it will put you out 18,000 silver, only increase your production by 75, and if you are checking the game several times a day, you won't really utilize the extra capacity.  The payback for just the production increase is 100 days, so I would say: skip this one.


This will be produced in the Prologue.  If your main statistic is Battle, get this to level 19 (do not buy the last Molten Metal upgrade, it is not worth it).  If you have been Baratheon, produce 2 Broadswords quickly so you can turn them into a Warhammer, maybe even a few Warhammers, especially if you ARE Baratheon and Fight is your main action.  If you are Greyjoy, you need Daggers for your Sailors, so build those instead.  If you have the premium upgrade unlocked, obviously max it out as well.

Village Center

This will be produced in the Prologue.  Upgrade this to level 7 (so it can produce every resource) ASAP, which will cost you 4,500 silver.  The Brewhouse should be your first or second premium upgrade purchase (allows you to queue resources).  If you haven't bought it yet, don't upgrade it further.  If you have bought it, max the Brewhouse quickly, then increase production speed of the resources you are going to need to produce quickly (i.e. Grain and maybe something else).  If you don't have the Brewhouse yet, you can easily leave it at level 7.  It should never be left idle; always be producing something.  When in doubt, grain.


You have to build this to complete V1 C2.  This needs to pump out some Eavesdroppers quickly, but only needs to be upgraded if you are Targaryan.  The Guardhouse upgrade increases the production speed of Spitfires and Valuable Prisoners , and the Foriegn Diplomat premium upgrade provides the fastest and easiest way to get an Obsidian Dagger.


If you are Lannister, upgrade this fully.  If you are Greyjoy, upgrade this to level 11 (Ore Stall), and produce 6+ Gold Rings for Sailors.  If you have the Feast unlocked (are or have been Baratheon) and will be trying for the Obsidian Dagger, keep in mind that each Moonstone Brooch requires 3 Silver Chains and 4 Silver Brooches, so if you plan on doing any Trade actions (especially if you are now Lannister and have been Baratheon beforehand), you will want a few of those.  The premium upgrade may be worth purchasing for the extra Trade and resource production speed, but you should rarely actually need to exchange resources here.


You have to build this to complete V1 C2, but the only time to upgrade it is if your primary statistic is Trade (buy 1-2 Altar to the Smith) or Intrigue (buy all 3 Altar to the Crone).  The main purpose of the Sept is to bake bread. You need to produce as much of this as possible without depleting your resources that are needed for other things, hence why I have been pushing the need for Grain so hard.  Bread is one of the items you keep when you reincarnate, and you will NEED it to speed along your reincarnations.  Get lots of it, but the Sept won't come into its own until you are hatching a dragon, and at that point you will need the premium upgrade Altar to the Stranger.


You have to build this to complete V1 C3.  Like the Sept, it doesn't need to be upgraded much yet.  If your primary statistic is Battle, upgrade level 1-2 Weirwood Saplings.  Otherwise, don't worry about it.  Again, like the Sept, it can produce Mead , which you take with you to the next reincarnation, and costs Grain.  It is less important than Bread, but still very useful if you have some excess Grain.  A third thing like the Sept, you will need to purchase the premium upgrade Pool to hatch a Dragon.

R'hllor Temple

I don't think this is worth building, as it would cost 1150 silver for +1 Battle or Trade, 1700 for +2, or 2350 for +3, and you can get much cheaper statistics elsewhere, and you don't need anything it produces (Nettle Poultices aren't as good as they look, you can instead assign your wounded Sworn Sword to a mission that will take them longer to complete than it will to heal, and they will be fine).  To hatch a dragon, you will need to buy the Statue of Ahor Ahai premium upgrade.  Save all of those premium upgrades until after you have collected the five fealty buildings, you have better things to spend your gold on at this point.


If your main statistic is Battle, build this and upgrade it to at least level 15, prioritizing the Portcullis to increase production speed.  Upgrading to level 18 is understandable, but the last two Pallisade upgrades are not much worth it.  It should be producing the items you need to create the really good armors you want.  If you have a Hunting Lodge , you will want 4 or 6 Leather Armors (necessitating the same number of Doublets) to produce some Cuirasses.  If you have the Shipyard and want a Surcoat, you will need 2 Jerkins each (and one Doublet for each Jerkin), but keep in mind that the Cuirass is vastly preferable to the Surcoat. Once you have enough armors for your Sworn Swords, you can still produce Leather Armors to make Warhorses (but only if your alliance is working towards the Tourney in the Marches challenge).  The premium upgrade Flag is worth purchasing when you spend real dollars to get more Battle stats and faster healing for Sworn Swords.


This Intrigue building should be constructed by everyone.  Why? You will need Saboteurs to make Valuable Prisoners , which you need for the Alliance Challenge Slaver's Bay Race , which is how you get the Spicer Guild Ledgers , which is a permanent item, and you want it.  Obviously, max it out if your main stat is Intrigue, but even if not, build it when you have the silver on hand, and you will eventually want it to be level 9 (Implement Shed lvl 6 for the speed increase, Sturdy Doors lvl 1 or more, Suspicious Cart lvl 1, Signal Lantern lvl 1).  The speed and cost decreases apply to everything produced in the Workshop, as well as Manacles, Valuable Prisoners, ScorpionsSpitfires, and maybe Ships and Reaving Ships [verification needed].  You will need to produce 1 Dirk, Roughspun Cloak, upgrade each of those into a Blindeye and Satin Cloak , then combine one of each of those into a Saboteur for EACH Valuable Prisoner you want to make.  It is fairly easy to collect 3-5 manacles per reincarnation, so plan on making about that many of each of those items.  The premium upgrade Laboratory is very useful for PvP, once you are in the top 1% of players and done reincarnating.


Unless your primary statistic is Trade, don't build it.  The premium upgrade Jeweled Sword increases Quest Rewards to a maximum of 10%, but shouldn't pay off until you have completed about 1,000 Quests (it costs 15000 silver, and only increases ), so it's mostly useful only as Trade stat increaser (you will have a hard time completing 1,000 Quests after you can afford this purchase before it's time to reincarnate again).


This building requires you to be or have been Targaryen.  If you are able to build it, you should do so as quickly as possible.  If your primary statistic is Intrigue, you should upgrade it to level 11 (Blue Candle lvl 4, other candles lvl 2, Dragon Claws, Bones and Skull lvl 1)  This building gets REALLY expensive to upgrade, and the benefits aren't that good if you are focusing solely on Intrigue.  If your primary statistic is Intrigue, you will want to combine your Silk Garments from the Embassy into Embroidered Tunics for a mid-game Sworn Sword armor, so have your Embassy pumping those out (and the prerequisite Linen Clothing).  I know that the Arakh and Receipt look tempting to Battle and Trade players, but forget it.  There are easier and cheaper ways to get similar items from other buildings and Adventures.

The premium upgrade Throne is useless except for the extra statistics, at least until it is necessary to Spy on someone (as of the writing of this sentence, you can approximate their statistics by looking at a potential PvP mission against them, you don't even have to send it, and get a better guess or an exact measurement by looking at the details after you do ANY PtP mission against them.)

This fealty building has about the second priority for me, since it produces Cloth, and you need LOTS of that to make Valuable Prisoners and Spitfires , among its other uses.  Keep it producing Cloth non-stop.


This building requires you to be or have been Baratheon.  If you are able to build it, you should do so the moment you reach level 13 (before the other fealty buildings).  Why? Because it produces the most useful resource (available), Wood.  It is the first fealty building you should upgrade if your main statistic is Battle, and you should consider upgrading it to level 11 (costing over 15000 silver) to get the Flagons of Drink upgrade, allowing you to produce the excellent Moonstone Brooch if you are trying for the Obsidian Dagger by Bartering.

The premium upgrade Roast Boar is, once more, usueful primarily for its stat bonuses units don't cost that much, and a 10% savings doesn't add up until you are done reincarnating.  That being said, it is the best stat increase of the fealty buildings premium upgrades, so I would buy it first.

Have it producing Wood at all times it can, and keep a reserve of about 60.  There is a point 3/4 of the way through Volume 1 where I can go through about 50 of the stuff all at once.  You can always donate excess wood to the alliance challenges if you have any left over when you are about to reincarnate.


This building requires you to be or have been Greyjoy.  If you are able to build it, do so anytime after the Feast and Reliquary.  If you are Greyjoy, upgrade this before the Feast or Hunting Lodge, otherwise, Battle players should upgrade the Feast first then the Hunting Lodge (because the Cuirass is helpful, but not as helpful as Reaving Ships for the Greyjoys).  If you are Greyjoy, you are going to need dozens of Sailors , so get your Market up and running on those Gold Rings and the Smithy on the Daggers.  You would do well to get two Reaving Ships, which means twelve Sailors, therefore twelve Gold Rings and twelve Daggers.  You will also want to produce a large number of Shortbows to combine into Composite Bows .  If you aren't Greyjoy, then wait until after you have upgraded the Hunting Lodge and Feast no longer produce good returns on investment (approximately level twelve) to start upgrading this.

The premium upgrade Longboat is actually IS useful beyond its stat increases, but not until after you are done reincarnating.  I would purchase and upgrade this second or third of the fealty building upgrades.

Have the Shipyard constantly producing iron, until you have a backup of about 30-50, depending on your comfort level, and every time you are over that limit, trade three for a fish.


This building requires you to be or have been Lannister.  If you are able to build it, do so after you have built every other fealty building.  If you are focusing on Trade, upgrade it to at least level 13 (one level of each of the third tier upgrades).  None of the items are worth producing, so just have it make enough Ore to keep you afloat.

The premium upgrade, Silversmith's Shop , is only useful after you are done reincarnating, but I would recommend it after that, since you will need to produce a LOT of things that are quite expensive, and a 5% decrease in cost on all of them might eventually be worth your while.  Consider purchasing this second of the fealty upgrades.

When the mine isn't doing anything else, have it produce Ore.

Hunting Lodge

This building requires you to be or have been Stark.  If you are able to build it, do so anytime after you have built the Feast and Reliquary.  If you are focusing on Battle, you will want to upgrade it to at least level 7 and produce a few (3) Cuirasses , so make sure you are producing 12 Doublets for 12 Leather Armor for 6 Breastplates .  If you are Stark, you will want to upgrade it to at least level 12 and produce a few (3) Longbows , so start early on the Practice Yard producing the 12 Shortbows for 6 Composite Bows .

The premium upgrade, Hunting Dogs , is the premium fealty upgrade I would buy fourth of the fealty buildings, ahead of only the Throne.

If it isn't busy doing something else, have the Lodge produce enough Fur to keep you afloat.

Siege Works

This building is where you produce siege units, mostly used for Alliance Challenges .  It is expensive to upgrade, the units cease being particularly useful (although I once had a 13/5/0 Ladder on a critical crafting success that was useful the entire incarnation), and to unlock any of the third tier upgrades (and produce the associated units) you will have to spend 2 Gold Icon each.  I recommend the Spitfire Fabrication upgrade being the first premium upgrade you buy (unless enough people in your alliance already own it) because you will need to produce four of them each time you want to complete Slaver's Bay Race.  Even if you aren't helping your alliance with the premium upgrades, you will still need this building so that you can build Valuable Prisoners .

Keep in mind that the production times for everything in the Siege Works are long.  Speed production through the Implement Shed in the Workshop (for Scorpions , Spitfires, and Prisoners), the Tenements upgrade in the Shanty or the Guardhouse upgrade in the Embassy (both affect the same units as the Implement Shed, buy them if you have a ton of excess silver in the late-game while you gather PtP wins or wait for the last few quests to finish), the Descendants of First Men talent (Stark fealty level 35), 


Permanent Items

Obsidian Dagger

This bonus reward for Volume 1 Chapter 10 is a permanent hand item that gives twenty to each statistic and a five percent boost to all attacks.  It is a very good item, and you can earn one in each incarnation, if you so desire. 

In order to earn this item, you must have 400 completed adventures, collected 50k Silver Icon from the counting house, and amass 400 PtP wins before you complete V1 C10.  The first two are fairly easy to get, but the PtP wins will take you some extra time.  To check how many wins you have, click on your character portrait, click the "stats" tab, then in the right side, Player to Player.  It should be the second item.

400 wins is a lot.  You will want more Sworn Swords than you have Command Points at almost every point in the game.  There are a three ways I recommend to get the requisite wins.

  1. Pick on someone who is inactive.  Find someone who friended you a LONG time ago, or joined your Alliance a long time ago, and never leveled up.  Friend them, then attack them repeatedly with your best and fastest action.  
  1. Be Targaryen, spend 5 Gold Icon to get the Foreign Diplomat premium upgrade in the Embassy , max out your intrigue in every possible way, and then spy on anyone and everyone repeatedly.  Spying doesn't hurt anyone, and most people have Intrigue lagging behind the other stats, so success rates should be high.  You can combine this with the first method.  This is theoretically the fastest way to get 500 PtP wins by yourself due to the speed increase on Spy actions that the Foriegn Diplomat adds.
  1. My recommended method.  Send Sworn Swords on Barter missions aimed at newly reincarnated or low level alliance members and friends.  This is my preferred method because it actually speeds collective power gain and reincarnation speeds.  The potential recipients notify the rest of the Alliance, then keep their Trade statistic low on purpose, giving a high probability of success to the person going for the Dagger, and they get thousands of extra Silver Icon every two hours (or so) to speed them through the reincarnation process.

NOTE: successful defenses do NOT count towards the PtP win total, so if you were thinking that you would get your friends to attack you and lose on purpose, it won't work.

Spicer Guild Ledgers

This hand item is a rare reward for the Alliance Challenge : Slaver's Bay Race .  It is an incredibly useful 0/20/0 +7% to Barter and Swindle attacks that is permanent, and the reason why I recommend everyone build a few Valuable Prisoners every reincarnation.  Alliance power + a permanent item that helps gain Obsidian Daggers is too good to pass up.

Dormant Dragon Egg

Buy it with Gold Icon.  By themselves, they cost 53 Gold Icon, but keep in mind that they often come as part of packages, so try to get them that way if possible. The earlier you get it, the easier your reincarnation journey will be.  A dragon egg plus an Obsidian Dagger means you start every reincarnation with 46 +5% to all attacks on EACH statistic.  Wow!  Already a fourth of the way to getting 200 in your primary statistic!

Adventure Rewards

At any point, you can try for adventures in Volumes 1, 2 or 3 (the tab at the top of the Adventure select screen).  It is helpful to know which adventures have rare rewards that will benefit you without having to build them.


Units are fairly difficult to acquire, and the power usually lags behind the hand and body weapons you can find or build, so let's focus on those first.


Once you hit level 12, you can complete the sixth V1 adventure, End the Pirate War , which has this 4/4/0 unit as a rare drop. My second incarnation, I tried about thirty times and never got one.  My third incarnation, I got one my first try. A very useful early game unit.  The adventure has a defense of 26.

Pack Horse

Starting at level 35, Volume 1, third page down, Loot the Lonely Caravans has this 8/8/8 unit as a rare drop. Considering the adventure isn't too difficult (defense of 84) and the xp reward is 70, this is the adventure I spend the most time on when I am levelling and it isn't night time.  Everyone can use a unit that gives them +8, at every point in the game, and the fact that the common drops include Grains and Red Gems only adds to the usefulness of this adventure.  Now, if only you could use Sanded Bows (the other rare drop) to craft things requiring Composite Bows (they are identical)!

Valuable Prisoner

When (if) you reach level 81, you can try the V3 adventure Save the Drowning Slaves during the night.  It has a defense of 227, so expect to lose about 1/3 of the times you try.  However, if you are very lucky and win AND get the rare drop, you can donate it to the alliance challenge of your choice.  It's worth to try a few times before you reincarnate!

Hand items

There are several hand items that are available ridiulously early that you need to be aware of.

Hardened Mace

This 15 Battle weapon is a rare drop for the level 18 V1 adventure Redeem the Fallen Knights .  Try for it a few times if your main stat is battle.  It's an unupgraded Arakh available the first or second day of your reincarnation!  Identical weapons withg different names are available in V1 level 65 (Grand Biting Blade ) and V1 level 74 (Grand Dull Razor ), and V1 level 77 has the ridiculous Grand Hardened Mace (30/0/0), but those are all much harder to get due to the defenses (182, 207, 216 respectively), and by the time you can try those adventures, you are almost ready to reincarnate.

Law of Masters Scroll

This isn't from an Adventure per say, but rather from one of the Bonus Quests.  If you have the opportunity to search the Gischari Ruins, make sure you have a good Sworn Sword on that quest, and use a boon.  +20 Trade +7% to Swindle and Bribe is an AMAZING boost, and you could get it as early as Volume 1 Chapter 1!

All of the +10 +6% weapons.  I recommend crafting a few of the one that corresponds to your main action, using red gems to try for a critical success.  If you get lucky on the crafting, the Sworn Sword who gets to use it should see thier stats skyrocket!  Otherwise, try to get them from quests and adventures.

Fight: Warhammer (build in the Feast)
Harrass: Ice Axe (Volume 1 level 25)
Aid: Longbow (build in the Hunting Lodge), Mistwood Dagger (Volume 1 level 33)
Barter: Grand Writ of Passage (Volume 1 level 51)
Swindle: Grand Heavy Coinage (V1 level 71), Receipt (build in the Reliquary )
Bribe: Grand Topaz Ring (V 1 level 60), Grand Jade Ring (V1 level 80)
Spy: Sweetsleep (build in the Mine )
Sabotage: None yet!
Steal: Grand Delicate Gloves (Volume 1 level 54), Silk Gloves (build in the Mine )

Body items

These items tend to give defensive bonuses.  Unless you equip them on your character (not a sworn sword) these percentages should mean nothing to you until you get through the reincarnation process and into the heavy PvP of the top 1% of players.  The purpose of these items for you is to boost your attacks for quests.  So, only pay attention to the base stat increase.

Rope Belt : Rare drop in V1 level 16.  +10 Intrigue. (Similar items in V1 level 29 and level 31 )
Pewter Chain : Rare drop in V1 level 20.  +10 Trade.
Short Hauberk : Rare drop in V1 level 27.  +15 Battle.

A note on percentages.  While the direct boost to your statistics may seem to be much larger than the percentage boost, by the midgame this is no longer true.  If you have 100 of a stat, each percentage is a full point, and by 200, it's two points.  Therefore, when using a Battle action, the Warhammer is actually better than the Greatsword once your Battle stat (you+ sworn sword+other gear) reaches 90!


Don't be a prick.  Help your allies out.