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Still Looking

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Still Looking is a City Quest that is part of the A Full House storyline.

World Library


Still Looking

Ella comes to you, confused, days after Jon returns. "My [lord/lady], I heard Groat say Jon is... bedding that Braavosi guard he brought home. Is that true?"



Silver Icon +100-250

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Common Boon
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Common Gem

Random Resource

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"Would it bother you if Jon and Eutimio were lovers?"

"My [lord/lady]!" Ella looks shocked. "You don't really think Jon is some...pervert, do you?" She studies your face. "You do! He is! And you don't mind!"

"I loved your [father/mother], Ella. I won't condemn any of my children for finding that love."

"Why would Groat talk about such a thing in front of a little girl?"

Ella looks affronted, forgetting Jon for a moment. "I'm hardly a little girl! I'm fourteen. Girls my age are already married and bearing children."

"Did you come here for something more than to gossip about your brother?"


"I will not have you repeating filthy rumors, Ella! Jon will do what is required of him."


Alignment Family Icon "But...he can't be heir then," Ella says, fidgeting. "So if he won't marry... and Jayne is a Turner... who will be heir to [Your Holding]?"
Alignment Truthful Icon Ella flushes and fidgets. "I just... hadn't heard anything about naming Jon as heir. I was wondering if that was why. Or if you're still looking."
Alignment Cunning Icon "You think it's true," Ella says softly. "So if Jon won't marry and Jayne is a Turner, who does that make heir to [Your Holding]?"

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