Game of Thrones: Ascent Wiki

Production capacity is a game mechanic that allows a Building to craft two or more of an item without the need to manually start production each time. This creates a pseudo production queue, except that the player cannot choose what to craft, it must be the same item.

When utilising increased production capacity, the player must choose between crafting a single item or crafting the maximum number of items allowed by their improved capacity, you cannot choose a number in between. All crafting materials must be provided upfront, and the timer is multiplied by the number of items being made.

Items crafted using the Luck mechanic cannot be crafted using a Production Capacity queue.

A player must wait until the completion of the timer to collect the items and production cannot be halted midway, though speed ups can be applied as normal. The free 5 minute speed up only applies once, however, not once per item in the queue.