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Live Dragon Egg

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Peerless Gem

Baby Dragon

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Peerless Gem

Chance Progressbar

On Success gain Baby Dragon and reset Luck. On Failure gain Dragon Egg and +1 Luck. Luck increases the chance of success during production.

Luck, also known as mercy, is a cumulative bonus that increases your likelihood of success for chance recipes.

Luck is linked to the recipes, not to specific evolvable items (such as the Dragon Egg), with a single Luck bonus applying to all crafting attempts using that recipe. Luck bonuses persist through reincarnation.

Chance Recipes

Identified by a gold dice icon, these recipes offer a success/failure outcome. Some chance recipes (such as boons) offer an improved result, while others are used to evolve a specific item. These recipes have a bar on the recipe card that reflects your current chance of success; mousing over or tapping on this bar will show your Luck bonus. A list of chance recipes can be found here.

Increasing Luck

All chance recipes have a base chance of success, the likelihood of success expressed as a percentage. Luck boosts this chance of success by a small amount per point of Luck bonus.

Luck can be increased in three ways:

  • Each unsuccessful crafting attempt increases your Luck for that recipe by +1.
  • Black Gems increase your Luck for that recipe by up to +10.
  • Blue Gems provide a temporary bonus equivalent to up to +18 Luck for that crafting attempt only.

You may only add one gem per crafting attempt.

The Tactic of the Red Comet grants a 70% chance to earn an additional Luck after an unsuccessful attempt. This Tactic must be activated BEFORE the crafting attempt is started or it won't apply the bonus.

The Steel Chains upgrade in the Dragon Pit grants up to a 10% chance to earn an additional Luck after an unsuccessful attempt.

The Return Favor Talent under Aid grants up to an 8% chance to earn an additional Luck after an unsuccessful attempt. This Talent costs 10 Gold to unlock, and then accepts up to 8 Talent points.

Resetting Luck When you achieve a success result for a chance recipe, your Luck for that recipe is reset to 0.

Success Calculator

You can calculate the success chance of your craft on this link: GoTA Player Tools