"Should a good lord strive to be strong, wise, or loved?"

Jon smiles. "Those who are loved are often also hated. And strength can be led astray. Wisdom, I think, is most crucial for a true leader."

"If that were true, the Citadel would rule the world."


Alignment Cunning Icon Jon meets your gaze. "More than I would, my [lord/lady]. But you were a new-made [lord/lady], with much to prove. It will fall to me to protect your achievements."
Alignment Old Ways Icon "I know you think me soft-hearted, my [lord/lady]," Jon says, "but I see the greater good. If some must die so others live, I will protect our lands and people."
Alignment Truthful Icon Jon laughs, surprised. "How do we know it doesn't? Perhaps we all accept our maesters as advisors, never knowing we are just acting out their will."

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