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Jon is your son, whom you can betroth to another Noble's daughter.

You will gain 100 Power once another Noble accepts your offer of betrothal.

You can betroth your son once each incarnation.

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Detailed Character Info


This page contains detailed information about Jon as obtained and inferred through quests. It is organized by volume, and the quest(s) where the information was obtained is linked. If the quest was fealty-specific, that is noted as well.

Feel free to add new information as you find it!

If you have not played through all of the volumes, this post will contain spoilers.


Prologue Icon Prologue Prologue Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Volume I Icon Volume I Volume I Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Volume II Icon Volume II Volume II Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Volume III Icon Volume III Volume III Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Volume You Icon Volume You Volume You Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Volume IV Icon Volume IV Volume IV Icon
Jon is not featured in this volume.

Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds Forging Bonds Icon
  • Jon is sixteen years old at the start of the Forging Bonds volume. Family Bonds
  • He is worried about the future of your holdings and seems to be more of a pacifist regarding Lady Chernoff's claim. Family Bonds
  • He is good-hearted and respectful, but there are rumors about his sexual orientation. A Difficult Choice
  • Jon's defender card lists him as "a clever, kind, and bookish boy, with little interest in the sweat and blood of martial training." Young And Untested
  • If you have the merchant background, Jon asks you to tell him of your days trading furs for Pentoshi silks in Braavos to help him avoid being an easy target. If you have the whisperer background, you share those stories instead. Personal Experiences
  • While at the Iron Bank, Jon befriends (or romances) a guard named Eutimio. It's Who You Know
  • Gammer describes him as a gentle boy who would never be pushed into murdering someone. What Did Jon Do?
  • Ella also agrees that Jon doesn't have it in him to murder someone; he thinks that everyone can be reasoned with. Sharing Comfort
  • Ser Hugo has told Jon that he couldn't fight his way out of a mousetrap. Worth Fighting For
  • Groat and Maester Lucas both question Jon as your heir, if his relationship with Eutimio is romantic. An Heir of His Own
  • Jon supports your decision to send Jorgen on a suicide mission; he says he learned how to be a lord while in Braavos. Protecting Your Futures
  • Jon says if he were lord of your holdings, he would work to expand them through diplomacy and trade, not war. Lord of These Lands
  • He believes wisdom is crucial for a true leader, as those who are loved are also hated and strength can be led astray. Lord of These Lands
  • If you have followed the romance path with Eutimio, Jon agrees to marry a girl of your choosing and father sons, as long as you don't force him to send Eutimio away. He pities the woman you choose for him. Lord of These Lands
  • If you choose Jon as your heir, you remark that he will be a wise and cautious lord, and that your holdings need his steadiness. He says that he didn't think you valued steadiness, that Ser Hugo certainly doesn't. Jon (Vol FB)
  • If you choose Ella as your heir, you tell Jon that he will serve as her principal advisor. Ella (Vol FB)

Volume V Icon Volume V Volume V Icon
No new information is obtained.

Breaking Ties Icon Breaking Ties Breaking Ties Icon
  • He does not cry over your illness, but he does pray for you ... or try to shake you awake and must be stopped by Eutimio. Please Come Back
  • He says that if he was baseborn, he would also search for his parents. Our Bastard Sister
  • Having enjoyed his visit to the Citadel, Jon asks if he can study there. He knows he will never be victorious on the battlefield and that his strengths lie with knowledge. To Study For a Time
  • Maester Lucas tells him that Jon is his best student, and nothing makes him happier than studying and learning. To Be a Novice
  • He wants to study the White Walkers at the Citadel and learn a way to stop them. To Be a Novice

Quest Bonus Icon Other Quests Quest Bonus Icon
No new information is obtained.

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