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Jayne is your eldest child and thus the heir to your House if you chose the Martell fealties. Jayne is rebellious, stubborn, and rather ignorant at times.

Her affairs are tended to by her maid, Tyana.

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Detailed Character Info

Jayne Jayne Boy

This page contains detailed information about Jayne as obtained and inferred through quests. It is organized by volume, and the quest(s) where the information was obtained is linked. If the quest was fealty-specific, that is noted as well.

Feel free to add new information as you find it!

If you have not played through all of the volumes, this post will contain spoilers.


Prologue Icon Prologue Prologue Icon
  • Jayne and her parent (your late spouse) used to take country rides together. A Time to Mourn
  • Jayne apparently attempts suicide early on, an act of defiance against her new position and the requirements of it. A Time to Speak

Volume I Icon Volume I Volume I Icon
  • If you have the fosterling background, she is the one duped by the Strange-Eyed Man. A Stack of Memories
  • After you reveal the truth about your background to Jayne, she becomes more complicit as your heir, finally beginning to understand what needs to be done as head of a household. The Heart of the Matter
  • She is happy that you looked after Gammer and hopes to do the same with her own advisors. Queen of her People

Volume II Icon Volume II Volume II Icon
No new information is obtained.

Volume III Icon Volume III Volume III Icon
No new information is obtained.

Volume You Icon Volume You Volume You Icon
  • She seems to not be performing her wifely duties with Lord Devan. A Worried Husband
  • She seems two faced: caring toward her smallfolk but ruthless toward her enemies. Good Hunting
  • If you have the former mercenary background, she is angry and pouts about your reputation. A Sellsword's Daughter
  • If you have the minor noble by marriage background, she assures you that she is not ashamed of your history and wishes that others saw you for the type of person you really are. A Peasant's Daughter
  • If you have the fosterling background, she is impatient because your family does not truly belong in your foster family's house. A Fosterling's Daughter
  • She follows you when you battle against the Targaryen loyalists. Innocence Lost
  • She believes nobility should come from within and is angry with you for following King Robert's orders to kill the Targaryen loyalists. To Price the Future
  • According to Rona, she loves and hates with equal passion. A Time to Act
  • After her husband's death, she decides that she has too much to learn to run a household and opts to become your spy. Freedom to Forget
  • Rona teaches her how to behave like a man. A Good Son

Volume IV Icon Volume IV Volume IV Icon
No new information is obtained.

Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds Forging Bonds Icon
  • Jayne is thankful that you are considering her as your heir, but she chooses to stay with Littlefinger and learn more. Protege

Volume V Icon Volume V Volume V Icon
  • Jayne defends Littlefinger's plan for Sansa to Carellen. Monster
  • Jayne is accusatory when Septa Eleanor tells her not to trust Littlefinger, saying she has been with him for a year and knows him better than the rumors. A Letter From Littlefinger

Breaking Ties Icon Breaking Ties Breaking Ties Icon
No new information is obtained.

Quest Bonus Icon Other Quests Quest Bonus Icon
No new information is obtained.

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