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The more you play the game, the more you learn about all the little things that help make the game that little bit easier. So if you have a kernel of knowledge to share with your fellow players, list it here.

Contributors: These are supposed to be BRIEF. If it takes more than 2 paragraphs, write a Blog and turn it into a Tutorial!

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New to the Game?

Check our our Hints and Tips for Beginners or our Tutorials for New Players, which include detailed guides to help you learn more about various aspects of the game.

Produce Fresh-baked Bread and Mead at all Times

Fresh-baked Bread

Building Upgrades are what you need to work on if you want to get stronger, but this is becomes a more and more tedious work, to as much as 52h 55m for the last upgrade. So, if you want to be stronger, you want to build faster, and the answer is Mead.

When your Sworn Swords are busy with Quests or Adventures and you think you're not progressing as fast as you would like or there's no one to defend you against aggressive Player to Player Actions, using Fresh-baked Bread will bring your devoted soldiers back home faster.

If you want to speed-up your progress without spending Gold Icon, try to craft Fresh-baked Bread and Mead at all times.

Tiberseptim 28 July 2013

Equip Your Best Weapons and Armor to Your Character

Item Body Icon

Give your best weapons, armors and units/companions to your own character, not your Sworn Swords. Giving them to your chatacter increases your overall stats, which affects all of your Sworn Swords, not just the one. Your own stats are also added onto the Sworn Sword's stats. For example, if your character has 100 battle and your Sword Sword only has 10 battle, sending that sworn sword on a Quest or Adventure would mean they actually have 110 total battle.

If you have two of the same powerful item, you can could give the spare to a Sworn Sword.

Scottster88 28 July 2013

The Escape Key is Your Friend!

Esc Key

When sending our Sworn Swords on PtP or Adventures (because you want the Obsidian Dagger), once you have locked the action in, hit the Esc key. You will be sent back one screen and can then select a new (or the same) Player or Adventure to send another Sworn Sword on the same or similar action. So much quicker than having to click through every screen over and over. See Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.

Razorgirl 28 July 28 2013

When it comes to Sworn Swords, Quantity is Better than Quality

Sworn Sword Female In Full Plate

The more Sworn Swords you have, the more Quests and adventures you can do concurrently. It is better to have six Common Sworn Swords than one Peerless Sworn Sword.

- Martin Ruiz Cox 15 April 2014

Confirm Gold Spending

Gold Coins

Make sure that you only spend your Gold when you want to spend it, and not when you click on something by accident. "Confirm Gold Spending" is in the Account section of the game.

You can read more about How to Buy and Spend Gold, curtesy of Razorgirl's Tutorial.

Lord Miki

Keep an Eye on the Shop

Shop Icon Gold Light

The Shop will often have cheap Troops and/or Items that are useful to purchase to add to Camp Provisions.

- Karl, the Black Goat, 7 October 2014

You Don't Have to Contribute Items Individually

You can type in the amount of Prestige or Provisions you wish to contribute to an Tribute, Alliance Challenge or Camp by clicking on the number and then typing in the number. This works for Mobile Platforms too!

Razorgirl 20 October 2014

If you are Reincarnating and want your Sworn Swords coming back from Ava healed

Do Stark, Winter is Coming 8x. This will give you 24% faster heal timer and then you should for the most part be healed by the time your Sworn Swords return from their wave.

- Bandy Ironmaker 20 May 2018

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