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  • Items marked permanent cannot be sold and will remain in the inventory of the Player Character through Reincarnation.
Article: Permanent


Player to Player

  • Abbreviated as PtP Game play engaged in competition with other players, as opposed Player vs Enviroment. Player versus Player (PvP) may alternately be used for harmful actions.
  • The actions may be beneficial, neutral or harmful to the other Player.
Article: Player to Player

Player versus Environment

  • Abbreviated as PvE. Game play engaged against opponents controlled by the game, as opposed to other players.


  • The mechanic that ranks how many actions you have taken in the game, comparatively with other Player Characters. It typically measures the strength of your items, army, castle, story progression, and social ties within the game.
Article: Power

Premium Currency

  • A type of Currency that can be purchased in game through microtransactions, and is used to purchase premium items such as gear and speed-ups. In Game of Thrones: Ascent, the premium currency is Gold Icon Gold.