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On Game of Thrones Ascent, you can add friends. Adding friends has many benefits for the player. To see your friends, simply click the "Friends" option on the main page of the game.


There are several benefits to having friends in the game.

Personal and Mutual Gain

You can engage in Barter Actions with your friends. These will steadily earn you a trickle of Silver, whether you win or lose (the loser in a Barter is the player who earns the least silver from the barter, but you will still earn something).

You can also send Aid to your friends, this will temporarily increase one of their random stats. The more you Barter and Aid your friends, the more they are likely to return the favour to you.


You earn a little bit of Power every time you visit your friends, up to ten times per day.

Bonus Quests

Some Quests require you to select a Friend. The Quest will say that your friend needs your help in something, such as finding a spy or covering up a love affair. You'll earn Silver and a random common or uncommon reward.

Adding friends

Main article: Friend Invites

Friends can be added in a number of ways:

  • Through the Friends section of the menu.
  • By clicking on a friend link
  • By clicking the Add button on a player's profile

Non-Player Friends

After unknown conditions are met Lord Monford Harlton will become your friend and appear in the first slot of your friend's list.

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