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Your Holding will progress through a cycle of Day and Night, which will have some minor effects on your game.

It will be Day time for all players for three hours, after that it will change to Night time for all players for three hours.

Your Holding[]

The easiest way to tell if it is Daytime or Nighttime is to look at your Holding. When it is nighttime in the game, your Holding will look dark, and the only source of light will be emanating out of the windows in your Buildings.

Counting House by Day Counting House by Night
Counting House Stage 4
Counting House-Stage-4


Some Adventures are only available when it is Day, some only when it's Night and some are always available. This means that if you want to undertake a certain Adventure, you may need to wait until it is the right time of day within your Holding. The Adventures that are locked to one time of day or the other are distinguished by their border:

Adventures in Prologue, Volume I and Volume IV are always available, while Adventures in Volume II and Volume III may or may not be time dependent.

Daytime Adventure Nighttime Adventure Anytime Adventure

Adventure BG Day

light blue border

Adventure BG Night

dark blue border

Adventure BG Anytime

black border