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Command Points

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Command Points (CP) limit the maximum number of Sworn Swords you can send on Adventures and/or Player to Player Actions at the same time.

Activity Limited by
Quests Unlimited
Boss Challenges
Friends' Boss Challenges
Alliance Challenges
Adventures Command Points
Player to Player
Alliance versus Alliance Garrison Points

You begin the game with 5 command points, gaining an additional point at level 5 and every 5th level thereafter. A player will stop accumulating command points once they reach level 2600. Command points can be boosted by investing on the level 90 Fealty Talents; at level 2600 with all level 90 fealty talents made permanent, the maximum number of command points possible is 525.

Command points are shown on the right side of the screen at the top of the Sworn Sword panel, the top left of the Adventure Party interface, and the top right of the Player to Player interface. The format of command points is Points in Use/Total Command Points.

You can calculate your command points dividing your current level by 5, rounding down and adding 5.