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The so-called "Volume You" was introduced with the Game Update of June 18, 2013.

"Picking up where Volume 1 left off, the events of Volume You return the story focus to your noble holdings and the threats and challenges you face from within and without. All players who have completed the Prologue can access Volume You by clicking the new banner tab just above the Quest Panel (to the right of the “III”)."  (Quote from Update Notes)
Volume You contains two quest lines. Only the first must be completed to advance through the chapters. As such the chapter numbers for the second quest line will vary in game. They are given here in the order they were released.

WARNING: Quests in this Volume contain spoilers for events that take place in the earlier Volumes.

Part 1: The Minstrel's Dirge

As the dust settles throughout Westeros, you face new challenges at home. Mourn your fallen cousin, reconnect with your daughter, and defend the honor of your house.

Part 2: Tensions at Hawkhaven

Leave your holdings for Hawkhaven, the forgotten battleground where you defeated House Turner in the Crusade of the Three. Can you help your daughter and her husband survive a smallfolk riot?

Choose one of 3

Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Ladder Trebuchet Turtle

Part 3: Unpleasant Memories

Who is kidnapping your smallfolk, and why? Pick up the trail of an old enemy, meet a new ally, and learn of a traitor in your house.

Part 4: The Bailiff's Folly

Feared or loved, all lords and ladies can be betrayed. Pass judgment on those who have wronged you, choose who to trust, and discover a shocking secret deep in your own woods.

Choose one of 3

Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Ram Catapult Scorpion

Part 5: But a Glimpse

The Silent Lady has revealed herself as a slaver, taking your smallfolk as property to be sold. Share this information as you choose and prepare to strike against her.

Part 6: Blood in the Water

The Silent Lady has shown she is no one to be trifled with, but you have already struck a second blow against her. Treat your good fortune as you will, while it is yours.

Choose one of 3

Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Precious Ore
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Lead Steel Precious Ore

Part 7: No Honor in Chains

Your maester is a wise man who was in [Your Holdings] long before you were. Learn from him of the slavers' tenure there, his shameful role in their operation, and of new paths to the Silent Lady.

Part 8: Secrets and Swords

You are poised to deal a truly devastating blow against the Silent Lady, but she is not your only enemy. Make difficult decisions on where to focus your attention, and be prepared to deal with the consequences. 

Part 9: A Red Dawn

What would you do if you could meet your enemies face-to-face? The answer is not as easy as you think. Make first contact with the Silent Lady, and learn more of her vendetta against you.

Part 10: Deadly Sweet

Much is made of lords and their swords, but little of ladies and their tea. Reconnect with Lady Elyana Buckwell as you work to save Maester Lucas and stay one step ahead of the Silent Lady. 

Choose one of 3

Siege Tower
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Iconview Silver Dark

Resource Icon Sleeve
Siege Tower Mangonel Spitfire

Part 11: Cut to the Quick

Could House Turner be conspiring with the Silent Lady against you? Suspicions force a confrontation at Hawkhaven, though your choices will determine the nature of the meeting.

Part 12: Wings of Fury

The lord of Hawkhaven is missing, and a house without a lord is no house at all. Learn once and for all the identity of the traitor in House Turner, and experience the fallout.

Part 13: On the Eve

Whatever your relationship with your daughter, her rash actions force old memories to surface. Relive a time before [Your House], when you were only part of a family...

Part 14: The Things We Love

With one Turner captured, another fled, and the traitor at your side, you can delay your attack on the Silent Lady no longer. Enter her lair and defeat her... if fate does nor intervene.

Part 15: The Fall of House Turner

You destroyed the Silent Lady's slaving operation, but she dealt a devastating blow to your daughter in return. Help Jayne pick up the pieces as you continue to hound your enemy.

Part 16: Eastern Pursuit

The Silent Lady has fled to Essos, and you must find her before she vanishes forever. Cross the Narrow Sea, brush shoulders with a dragon, and corner your enemy.

Part 17: By the Sword

No more parley, no more tricks, no more escapes. The dispute between you and the Silent Lady will be settled in Pentos, for better or worse. Choose your strategy wisely.

Part 18: The Slaver's Legacy

An intense battle in the east has led to victory over your enemy at last. But there is more to destroying a snake than striking its head. Deal with the Silent Lady's remains as you prepare to return home.

Part 19: Your House Reflects

Your house is at peace at last. Look back on your long battle against the Silent Lady, remember those lost and treasure what was gained, and begin planning for the future.

Part 20: Eyes to the West

It is time for your house to reenter the war. Ser Hugo is your guide in King's Landing, your father Rolfe on the Wall, and your daughter Jayne in the Vale, among others...

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