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Volume VII

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Chapter 1: Dragonstone

Unlikely alliances begin to take shape as war returns to Westeros. Outcasts find new homes and winter blankets the north, while to the east, a great power makes a landfall.

Chapter 2: Stormborn

Before families can reunite and kings meet queens, plans must be made for the fate of Westeros. But even the best laid plans can be undone by an unexpected storm.

Chapter 3: The Queen's Justice

King's Landing cheers for a new conqueror, as the Dragon Queen loses ground in the was. Will her meeting with the King in the North bear fruit, or will her misfortune grow?

Chapter 4: The Spoils of War

Snow falls quietly over a long-awaited reunion in the North, while the rest of the continent cries out and burns, as the war for the Iron Throne begins.

Chapter 5: Eastwatch

All eyes turn northward as the Night King's army marches on the Wall. A Wild scheme and a misbegotten band of heroes may be the only salvation for war-torn Westeros.

Chapter 6: Beyond the Wall

Mistrust reigns in Winterfell, while in the cold reaches north of the Wall, men both brave and foolhardy give up everything to secure a future for the children of Westeros.

Chapter 7: The Dragon and the Wolf

In King's Landing, new revelations create a shaky cease fire. In Winterfell, victims are freed from malice and mistrust. At the Wall, the shriek heralding the end of mankind pierces the sky.

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