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Volume I is the path to reincarnation and permanent talent points. To see the quest lines that much be completed for each fealty, click on the Reincarnation above.

Chapter 1: A Firm Grip is Recommended

Your holdings are finally under your control, but what sort of control will it be? Show your friends, and all of Westeros, exactly what kind of leader you are.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 2: They Will Never Suspect a Bard

Your cousin Kirth will be your eyes and ears beyond your holdings. Use him to keep abreast of House politics while you continue to strengthen your holdings.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 3: Indecision Breeds Enemies

Another noble took something from you because he thought you too weak to resist. Show him, and all who think the same, the error of their ways.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 4: To the Victor Go the Spoils

Victory against all odds has shown you to be a dangerous foe - but did you reveal too much in your success? Stay ever watchful for enemies around you.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 5: Traitors All Around

Betrayed by allies who thought you a catspaw, you must use their arrogance against them. Combined they are far too strong, so destroy them in parts.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 6: A Righteous Punishment

Your victory is at hand! Put an end to these turncloaks, and remember that alliances amongst those who play the game of thrones are temporary at best.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 7: A Lesson Harshly Learned

Your true enemy used you to destroy the allies levied against him. Learn from this, so you might one day return the favor. Meanwhile, seek new allies.

Bonus Goals

  • Purchase 100 items from the shop
  • Defend your holdings against 100 enemy nobles
  • Collect 20,000 silver from the Counting House

Chapter 8: Blades in the Shadows

Waiting, watching, preparing... When your enemies move in shadows, remain vigilant. When the blades finally come, you will be ready to knock them aside.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 9: The True Threat

Your true enemies are finally revealed, but events in the capital divide your attention. Take care to secure your holdings before answering distant summons.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 10: Long Live the King

The king must be obeyed, but which king? For good or for ill, you are bound to your Great House. Learn of its plans and seek out future opportunity.

Bonus Goals

Chapter 11: Epilogue

The game of thrones never ends. When afforded a quiet moment to assess the other players, waste no time catching your breath. Your enemies certainly will not.

Bonus Goals

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