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Seals are Items that are applied to customise Your Character, Sworn Swords, and Items. Seals are used to boost Stats and provide bonus effects. They can be acquired in several ways, and some seals are used in the crafting of other seals.

Types of Seals

There are several types of Seals, in various rarities. A basic seal might provide a bonus to Stats and/or Actions. Seals are loosely grouped by theme or the bonuses they provide. Below are some examples, though this is not a comprehensive list.

Thematic Groups

Seals inspired by various themes within the game and Lore.

Group Description
Fealty Seals Seals representing the sigils of the Great Houses of Westeros.
Seals of Office Seals representing certain titles of office, such as Seal of the Hand of the King.
Character Seals Personal insignias of various well known characters, such as Robert Baratheon's Insignia.
Geographic Seals Seals representing specific locations, such as the Seal of the Bloody Gate.

Bonus Groups

Bonuses may apply to a Stat (Battle, Trade, Intrigue), an Action (Fight, Barter, Spy, etc), an Activity (Quests, Adventures, Alliance Vs Alliance, etc); or any combination of these.

Group Description
Speed Seals These seals reduce timers.
Deadly Seals These seals provide a chance of inflicting additional wounds to defending Sworn Swords.
Wound Prevention These seals provide a chance to avoid being wounded when losing a defense.
Seals of Healing These seals increase the speed at which Sworn Swords recover from wounds.
Wealthy Seals These seals increase the amount of Silver Icon gained.
Chancy Seals These seals provide a chance to gain a bonus to an Action (see below).

Chancy Seals

These seals provide a percentage chance of a bonus. These seals stack with others of the same type, up to a maximum of a 100% chance. Only the chance percentage stacks, not the bonus provided on activation. Seals do not need to be on the same item/Sworn Sword in order to stack, and the benefit of any seal beyond 100% chance is disregarded in combat calculations. In order the stack, the chance bonus must be identical.

e.g. If the first seal is a Peerless Pirate's Seal (25% chance of adding +12% to Harass):
Second Seal Stack? Total Bonus Notes
Peerless Pirate's Seal Yes 50% chance of +12% to Harass These seals are identical, the two 25% chances stack to create a single, larger bonus.
Rare Pirate's Seal No 25% chance of +12% to Harass The Harass bonus on the rare Seal is smaller; they do not stack, but provide two separate chance rolls.
25% chance of +8% to Harass
Peerless Herbalist's Seal No 25% chance of +12% to Harass The Aid bonus does not stack with the Harass bonus.
25% chance of +12% to Aid
Boneway Scorpion Yes 75% chance of +12% to Harass The Harass bonus is the same as the one from the seal, the 50% chance from the Item stacks with the 25% chance from the Seal.

Obtaining Seals

Seals are gained via the following means:

Applying Seals

Seals are placed on Seal Slots. Slots may already be open, or they may be locked. Unlocking a Slot costs gold, and makes the Item or Sworn Sword Permanent. The cost of seal slots is not cumulative, nor do they need to purchased in order.

  • Your Character starts with the first slot already open.
  • Sworn Swords purchased for Silver have no slots open.
  • Sworn Swords purchased for Gold have one more more slots open.
  • Items vary by rarity (click for more information).
Open 3 Gold Icon 3 Gold Icon
7 Gold Icon 5 Gold Icon 5 Gold Icon
15 Gold Icon 6 Gold Icon 6 Gold Icon
23 Gold Icon 7 Gold Icon 7 Gold Icon
31 Gold Icon 8 Gold Icon 8 Gold Icon
39 Gold Icon 9 Gold Icon 9 Gold Icon

Retrieving Seals

Once placed, a seal can be destroyed or retrieved. Destroying a seal is free, and makes the Slot available for a new seal.

Alternatively, a seal can be retrieved. Retrieval both makes the Slot available and allows the seal to be used again. The cost of retrieval increases with the rarity of the seal, and the seal returns to your inventory on retrieval.

Rarity Cost
Common 500 Silver Icon
Uncommon 2000 Silver Icon
Rare 4000 Silver Icon
Legendary 3 Gold Icon
Peerless 5 Gold Icon

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