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This article is under construction. The info may be incomplete, or change without notice.

Items include various Gear and usable items such as:

  • Equipment
  • Seals
  • Consumables
  • Boons

Seal Slots[]

The number of locked and unlocked slots an item can have is limited by its Rarity.

The colour of the gem on a Seal Slot is the rarity of the Seal, not of the item. For example, after applying a common seal to a rare item, a grey gem will appear on the seal slot on the front of the card, and a blue gem on the item quality itself.

Quality Item Gem Seal Gem Seal Slots Available
Common Common Gem Seal Common Icon Seal Lock Icon
Uncommon Uncommon Gem Seal Uncommon Icon Seal Add Icon   Seal Lock Icon
Rare Rare Gem Seal Rare Icon Seal Add Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon
Legendary Legendary Gem Seal Legendary Icon Seal Add Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon
Peerless Peerless Gem Seal Peerless Icon Seal Add Icon   Seal Add Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon   Seal Lock Icon

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