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Daily News - Tyrell

"Growing Strong"

House Tyrell of Highgarden are the "Wardens of the South," and the overlords of The Reach - a land of infinite beauty, and seemingly endless summer. Flowers decorate the fields, which are the most fertile in all of Westeros. It is a land of plenty, to both nobles and smallfolk alike.

It is a large and wealthy House - its wealth only surpassed by that of House Lannister. The greatest knights in the Realm are born and trained here - not just in combat, but in the ancient code of chivalry. But kindness and honor are only tools for the notorious shrewdness of House Tyrell. Its nobles and vassals are taught to use sweet words before scornful ones; and to obey a great lord, while perhaps secretly planning his demise.

Tyrell Vassals[]

Tyrell Map

Changing alliances however it may serve them - no matter how the winds of change might shift in Westeros, House Tyrell will shift with them -- always Growing Strong!


Tyrell Character

House Tyrell
Growing Strong!

Characters that belong to, or have sworn fealty to House Tyrell that are featured in the game...



Quests that are exclusive to characters that have sworn fealty to House Tyrell.

Fealty Talents[]

Main article: House Tyrell/Fealty Talents

House Tyrell have a specialization in Bribe, and other talents that allow them to come by resources more readily. For instance, the Growing Strong talent allows them to produce consumables like Food faster, and Stewards of the Reach allows them to produce armor faster. The talents will become lost should you decide to reincarnate, unless you select one of them to become permanent during the reincarnation process.

The Arbor is House Tyrell's Fealty Building which unlocks at level 13. It produces Grains and Horses.


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Alliances that have sworn fealty to House Tyrell include:





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