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News - House Tully

"Family, Duty, Honour"

House Tully are one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Lord Hoster Tully overseas the Riverlands from his seat of power in Riverrun.

Due to its geographic position, surrounded on all sides by other Great Houses, House Tully has traditionally used diplomacy and marriage alliances to avoid costly wars. They are also in an excellent location to be a central trading hub.

Tully Vassals[]

Tully Map

If you swear fealty to the Tullys, you will be at the core of all that happens. Your people will pay the price of every failed rebellion, every murderous king. In your lands, King Robert defeated Rhaegar at the Trident. In your lands, outlaws without banners take up arms to defend the innocent. Through it all, the Tullys will demand you stand strong, fight for justice, and live always by their words: Family, Duty, Honour


Tully Character

House Tully
Family, Duty, Honour

Characters that belong to, or have sworn fealty to House Tully that are featured in the game...


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Quests that involve Riverrun or members of House Tully that all characters can undertake, regardless of their Fealty;

The Siege of Riverrun
The River Runs Red
Unwelcome Interruptions
Days gone by

Fealty Talents[]

Main article: House Tully/Fealty Talents

House Tully have a specialization in Barter, and other talents that allow them to buy and sell for greater profits, and to come by resources more readily. The talents will become lost should you decide to reincarnate, unless you select one of them to become permanent during the reincarnation process.

The Fishery is House Tully's Fealty Building which unlocks at level 13. It produces Fish and Smallfolk.


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Alliances that have sworn fealty to House Tully include:



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