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Daily News - Baratheon

"Ours is the Fury"

House Baratheon is King Robert's own house, traditionally hailing from The Stormlands but after Robert's Rebellion two cadet branches were formed in The Crownlands, one in King's Landing and another in Dragonstone. The sigil for this Great House is an ebony crowned stag on a yellow field.

Wind whips at stalwart trees, bending them at unnatural angles. Rain lashes against the hard stone of a castle wall. It is just another day in The Stormlands.

The destruction of the gale is nothing compared to what the Baratheons can wreak when angered. They are the heirs of the Storm King, who legend says defied gods in order to marry his divine bride. They took up arms against The Mad King, and Robert swung his warhammer to scatter the rubies from the Targaryen's breastplace. When the regime of dragons fell, the reign of the stag took over.

Baratheon Vassals[]

Baratheon Map

Baratheon bannermen are determined warriors, fierce on the battlefield and fierce in their friendships. They are always ready to charge into an attack, even if they must ignore such trifling concerns as a proper defence. No one is finer with the weapons of war, and a line of loyal vassals can form a force as unyielding as a the rocks of Shipbreaker Bay. Should you make your way to the castle of Storm's End, you can feel the spells of protection built into the walls and the slumbering power that binds the stones.

You revel in the honest work of open conflict: solid, gleaming steel in your hand, the snap of banners, and a warcry in your throat. If any stand in your way, you will fell them like trees. You will unleash the pure clean rage of the storm. You will show them Ours is the Fury!


Baratheon Character

House Baratheon
Ours is the Fury

Characters that belong to, or have sworn fealty to House Baratheon that are featured in the game...



Quests that are exclusive to characters that have sworn fealty to House Baratheon.

Fealty Talents[]

Main article: House Baratheon/Fealty Talents

House Baratheon have a specialization in Fight actions, as well as an increased chance to obtain superior results when producing units. The talents will become lost should you decide to reincarnate, unless you select one of them to become permanent during the reincarnation process.

The Feast is House Baratheon's Fealty Building which unlocks at level 13. It produces Wood and Stone, and is one of the required buildings to attempt to hatch the dragon egg.


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Alliances that have sworn fealty to House Baratheon include:

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