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Camps represent your army's various bases of operations during an Alliance Vs Alliance phase. Camps provide a range of attributes that are very important in AvA and that improve with upgrades. In order to send Actions, Sworn Swords must be Garrisoned in a camp.

There are 9 Regions, each with three available camp locations. The number of camps an Alliance can build, and the level they reach, is limited by the materials the Alliance members are capable of providing.

Each Camp must be assigned one of three specializations when it is first created:

  • Battle Camps have a higher Battle Stat and higher Maximum Health.
  • Trade Camps have a higher Trade Stat and require less silver to reach 100% Base Stats, and higher Stat Bonus when the Silver Pool is full.
  • Intrigue Camps have a higher Intrigue Stat and increased Hourly VP.

Silver and item contributions can be locked by the leader of an Alliance, preventing all members of the Alliance from adding any further donations.


Not Built Camp Under Attack Critical State

Camps have a health value that represents how much damage that camp can take. A newly-created camp will always be at full health. Certain Actions deal damage to camps, while Aid can recover those lost points. Alliance members can also contribute Silver to repair a damaged camp. The amount of Passive VP a camp earns is reduced by damage to a camp.

Silver Pool

Each Camp has a Silver Pool representing how wealthy that camp is. This Silver Pool affects the bonus stats that a Camp provides, with benefits for keep the Silver Pool above 50%, and penalties should the Pool fall below half.

When upgraded to Level 1, a camp will have sufficient Silver to provide 100% Bonus Stats. Further upgrades do not increase the Silver in the Pool, and donations are required to maintain the 50% level. Certain Actions add or remove Silver to/from camps. Alliance members can also contribute Silver to increase a camp's Silver Pool.

Battle Camp Intrigue Camp Trade Camp
0% 0% Stats 0% Stats
40% 80% Stats 100% Stats
50% 100% Stats 125% Stats
100% 200% Stats 250% Stats

Silver Contributions

Silver can be contributed on the Camp Details screen to heal a damaged camp or add to the Silver Pool.

After a contribution towards Health or Silver Pool, that player has a cooldown for that camp’s contribution. These cooldowns are specific to each camp, so you can contribute to many different camps in short succession.

Superior Rewards

Starting at level 1, Camps provide an increasing chance of gaining superior rewards for successful Sworn Sword Actions. Actions sent from level 20 Camps guarantee improved rewards. These rewards include Spoils and rare dragon-crafting items such as Crystal Swords.

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