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Some Storylines end with you facing a strong opponent or overwhelming challenge; such challenges cannot be defeated by the power of your Sworn Swords alone, and the permits players to invite friends and allies to Assist. Boss Challenges are colloquially known as Boss Quests, shortened to BQ.

Inviting FriendsEdit

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At the beginning of the Challenge, you can invite any or all players on your Friends list. They will receive the invitation via Raven. This screen will also provides a URL that you can share, allowing anyone with the link to join the Challenge, even if they are not friends with you in-game. You can return to the invite screen and send invites or view the URL again at any time.

Helping FriendsEdit

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After accepting an invitation by Raven, or clicking on an invite link, players have the ability to select a Sworn Sword and join a friend's Challenge. Friend's Challenges are marked in the quest log with the owning player's name, and can be found in both the Volume that Challenge belongs to as well as the Challenge Invites tab.


Instead of waiting for a timer to run out, Boss Challenges have a set amount of "hit points", representing the amount of damage that needs to be dealt to finish the Challenge. Players are given a set amount of time in which to do so.

Challenges usually consist of multiple Parts, most commonly three. Each Part offers three possible Actions to choose from, generally one each of Battle, Intrigue, and Trade; with the options changing with each part. Sworn Swords start with five actions, and these actions refresh at a rate of one every three minutes, up to the cap of five. In your own Challenges (but not those initiated by friends), you can immediately refill your actions for 2 Gold Icon.

Completing a ChallengeEdit

Upon reaching the target amount of damage for a Challenge, it immediately ends, and all players can claim their rewards. This includes a Participation Reward for all players, and Initiation Reward for the player who started the Challenge, and prizes for the three players who dealt the most damage.

If the Challenge is not completed in the allowed time, the amount of damage dealt is preserved and the initiating player can try again. However, as a penalty for not finishing in time, the Initiation Reward is forfeited.

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