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When looking for an Alliance, it is important to find one that is right for you. Each alliance will have their own benefits and expectations regarding membership.

Only 10 Alliances within your Alliance's power range are listed in the Power interface of the game, ranked by Alliance Power. If you are not in an alliance the top 10 Alliances are listed in the power rankings.

Leader & Officers

Alliance Leader Icon

Alliances have a single Leader, denoted by a crown icon.

The Leader is able to change the settings of the Alliance, such as what the Alliance is called, the Alliance's fealty, and how new members are accepted. They can also write and edit the Message of the Day. A Leader can appoint Officers within their alliance, and set permissions for them. The Leader can do all the following, and grant Officers the ability to do any or all of the below actions:

  • Build and lock/unlock Camps
  • Start Alliance Challenges
  • Set the Alliance's Diplomacy with other Alliances
  • Remove (AKA "Kick", "Boot", "Ban") members of an Alliance (that are not the Leader)

If an Alliance is without a Leader, an Officer and/or a member of the Alliance can attempt to Seize Power to become the new Leader.

Joining an Alliance

Each Alliance will have one of four settings regarding membership;

  • Open - Anyone may join
  • Closed - Not accepting new members
  • Invitation - Only the Leader can send an invitation to other players in the game
  • Friends of Friends - Anyone that has a Friend in the Alliance may join the Alliance

Leaving an Alliance

To prevent "reward hopping", there is a 24 hour cool-down period between leaving your current alliance and joining a new one. This cool-down applies if you have participated in any Alliance Vs Alliance or Alliance Challenges.

Alliance Fealty

Alliances may choose to identify with a specific Fealty, or declare "no fealty". While this has no effect in-game, an Alliance's choice of Fealty is displayed with players view the Alliance information.

Size and Tiers

Alliances are limited to 500 total members, and may only field a maximum of 100 Alliance Vs Alliance participants. For the purpose of determining the Prestige cost of Alliance Tactics, Alliances are divided into Tiers.

Prior to June 2015, Alliances were also allocated to one of five Tiers for the purpose of Alliance Vs Alliance.

Some Alliances may have more than 500 members. This is due to there being no restriction on membership numbers when the game first launched. Any Alliance that has more than 500 total members must reduce its membership to 499 or less in order to add new members.


Alliances gain power by completing Alliance Challenges. Alliance Power is what determines an Alliance's Rank.

There is no mechanical benefit for your Alliance achieving a certain Rank, only bragging rights and the feeling of satisfaction in knowing that you have overtaken another Alliance.

At present, the power Ranks are approximately as follows;

Alliance Challenges

Main article: Alliance Challenges

Alliance Challenges are larger-scale "Boss Fights" designed for larger groups of players. They require a number of supplies, and require a greater amount of damage to complete than Boss Challenges, however they also provide better rewards.

Alliance vs Alliance Combat

Main article: Alliance Vs Alliance

Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) was introduced in the major build on October 3rd, 2013. The Alliance screen was redesigned and the options of Diplomacy, War Map, and Camps were added. It is through the War Map interface, that Alliances can Build Camps and Attack or Assist the Camps of other Alliances.

In July 2014, AvA was extended into a three-stage World Event-format. Traditional AvA competition formed Stage 2 of the World Event, and was followed by a global Challenge for all players, not just those in Alliances. In January 2015, World Events were discontinued due to player dissatisfaction.

Alliance Vs Alliance was stopped in June 2015 ahead of a complete overhaul, and after a significant testing period returned in November 2015 with the Fireborn Phase.

List of Alliances

Alliances are invited to create a page for their Alliance to promote themselves and to keep track of their Achievements. It can be as creative as you like, so long as it has the compulsory sections listed in the Create a New Alliance Template.

Players are invited to peruse our List of Alliances to find the Alliance that is right for them

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