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Alliance Vs Alliance

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Alliance vs Alliance are large-scale battles between Alliances

World Battle Preparations

Alliance Vs Alliance (AvA) is a large-scale, team-based competition conducted by players in Alliances. Competition is held in Phases lasting from one to three weeks. However, after the major revamp in November 2015 phases have typically been between 4 and 7 days, with 4 day phases being the more common duration.

AvA was initially introduced in September of 2013. In May of 2015, AvA was temporarily discontinued in order to revamp the gameplay and address a number of issues. After a 6-month hiatus, AvA returned in late November, 2015.

Core Gameplay

  1. Build Camps in the Region(s) you want to compete in.
  2. Upgrade your Camps.
  3. Garrison your Sworn Swords in a Camp.
  4. View “War Targets” and send Sworn Sword Actions at a target Alliance.
  5. Remember to leave some Sworn Swords idle in the Garrison to defend.
  6. Contribute Silver to heal your Camp and replenish its Silver Pool.
  7. Earn Victory Points and defeat your enemies to claim Alliance Vs Alliance Rewards.

Alliance Vs Alliance
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