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Alliance Challenges

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Alliance Challenges are activated depending on the settings put in place by the Alliance. Some Alliances allow anybody to open Challenges and some Alliances will only allow officers or leaders to open them. Only members of the Alliance can participate in Challenges.

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There is a lot more involved than standard Quests, in that they require a lot of materials to be gathered in order for the Challenge to unlock so that it can be attempted. Apart from the supplies that need to be gathered, Alliance Challenges function just like a Boss Challenge.

All Alliance challenges have a timer. Failure may result in the loss of materials and no accrual of alliance points.

In the new build of November 24, 2014, all active alliance challenges were retired and replaced with new rewards and requirements.

There are 2 types of Alliance Challenges:

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Normal Alliance Challenges
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AvA Based Alliance Challenges

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World Event Alliance Challenges
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Retired Alliance Challenges

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