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Besides the quests of the single Volume timelines, there are other tasks that can be taken care of by your Sworn Swords. In general, these are Player to Player, Alliance Vs Alliance, and Adventures. Sending a Sworn Sword off on an adventure can yield experience for the Sworn Sword, thus allowing them to level up, along with bringing home a random item which can either be a Resource or a piece of Equipment.

There is a complete list of what you can gain from each Adventure on the Adventure Rewards page, so that you can decide which adventures are the most useful for you.

Some Adventures can only be completed while it is daytime or nighttime in your Holding, denoted by the border of each Adventure; light blue for day, dark blue for night. The Adventures with a black border can be undertaken at any time.

Adventures are currently split into 6 groups:

  • Prologue Icon Dark Prologue
    This adventure is only available when you first send a Sworn Sword on an Adventure in Prologue, Part 3.
  • Volume I Icon Dark Volume
  • Volume II Icon Dark Volume II
    Many of these Adventures have the opportunity to gain Uncommon Resources or other Rare Rewards as a completion reward.
  • Volume III Icon Dark Volume III
    In addition to the opportunity to gain Uncommon Resources, some Volume III Adventures offer the opportunity to gain Rare Rewards that can only be obtained by completing the relevant Adventures.
  • Volume IV Icon Dark Volume IV
    Adventures in Volume IV are available based on Your Character's Fealty. These Adventures have the opportunity to gain Uncommon Resources. Additionally the Level 90 Adventures offer the opportunity to gain a unique shield, while the Level 105 Adventures offer opportunity to gain a unique bannerman, both accordingly specific to Your Character's Fealty. For example, the Targaryen Insignia Shield is a rare drop from the Level 90 Adventure Retrieve Hidden Treasure.
  • Forging Bonds Icon Forging Bonds
    Adventures for World Event are available during currently active wolrd event. These adventures will allow you to gather new rewards and resources, which are used to begin creating camps during Stage 1. Rare and Legendary rewards from these adventures (in combination with AvA rewards) are used to unlock the actual World Event, stage 3 of the current cycle.

Exclusive Adventure Rewards

The following items can only be acquired by completing the relevant Adventures:

Exclusive Fealty Adventure Rewards

Introduced on May 19th, 2014 with Build # 1.1.225, each of the Level 90 and 105 Volume IV Adventures offers a rare chance to acquire an exclusive item featuring Your Character's Fealty. The Level 90 Adventures offer a chance at a unique shield, while the Level 105 Adventures offer a chance at a unique bannerman.

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