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Breeders of Dragons

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Active Dragon egg about to hatch.

We are the Breeders of Dragons Alliance.

Followers and loyal to the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen.

Researchers of methods used to breed dragons.

Everybody is welcome to join.

General Information

Our fealty lies with House Targaryen, but all fealties are welcome to join.

We are always looking for new motivated members in the search for the ultimate method in breeding dragons.

Leader: Merlyn Targaryen


  • Luke McGhee 
  • Aragorn Li


  • Facebook Group for sharing Information & expierences.
  • Recieve help whenever you deem needed.
  • Friendly Atmosphere.

Expectations of our Members

  • Be respectful and Polite to fellow Alliance members 
  • Respect direct orders of your leader & officers and maintain diplomacy between our alliance and friends.
  • Help out other members whenever possible.
  • Contribute towards the alliance to unlock challenges and new camp upgrades.
  • Join our Facebook Group to share and gain knowledge related to the game.

How To Join

We are an open alliance so everybody can join:

Join our alliance here:

Join our group here:

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