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Golstaff Golstaff 6 December 2016

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MGRza MGRza 2 June 2016

What to do before Reincarnations (players without gold)

In a few instances I have been asked what I do before I RI.

Besides for needing to complete Volume 1

  • I play all the quests at the same time to boost so that I can reach level 200 according to my speed levelling guide for the 5 gold, these RI’s takes about 7 days granting another 5 gold for the daily login. Then this is what else I do.
  • I play Volume 4 to near its end, since it gives you a choice reward of a Night’s Watch seal , which gives 3 to battle, trade or intrigue and then 1% speed as well to battle, trade or intrigue. Worth 11 gold.
  • Volume 5 gives you a choice reward for a companion that’s already permanent like the two daggers and the handkerchief. Worth 23 gold
  • I do the Breaking  ties volume as far as I can , it gives you a peerless sea…
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MGRza MGRza 21 May 2016

Experience Boosting for your Character

  • 1 Character Experience Boosting.
  • 2  Hand Item:
  • 3 Body Item:
    • 3.1 General Items:
    • 3.2 Battle Items:
    • 3.3 Trade Items:
    • 3.4 Intrigue Items:
  • 4 Companions:

  • As you all know, we get Experience for completing Quests, Boss Fights and PtP actions.
  • Below will be some gear you can equip onto your character and SS to boost your experience gain.
  • Special note, a SS that has Character Xp boost gear on wont grant any Xp on actions that doesn’t grant Xp to your Character, so ensure your PtP SS, your Quest SS and Boss Fighters has these items equipped.

Countessa Handkerchief

19,19,19 & 4% more Character Xp

Jon Snow's Armor, Lord Commander

41,41,41 & 4% more Character Xp on Attacks

The Old Bear's Armor

24,24,24 & 3% more Character Xp on Attacks

The Silent Kingsgaurd Armor

50,0,0 & 6% mor…

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MGRza MGRza 21 May 2016

Experience Boosting for your Sworn Swords

  • 1 Sworn Sword Experience Boosting
  • 2 Hand Item:
    • 2.1 General Items:
    • 2.2 Battle Item:
    • 2.3 Trade Item:
    • 2.4 Intrigue Item:
  • 3 Body Item:
    • 3.1 General Item:
    • 3.2 Battle Item:
    • 3.3 Trade Item:
    • 3.4 Intrigue Item:
  • 4 Companion:
    • 4.1 General Item:
    • 4.2 Battle Item:
    • 4.3 Trade Item:
    • 4.4 Intrigue Item:
  • 5 Seals:

Training Sworn Swords is a tedious job, but for those that cant outfit every SS with Peerless gear , training them might be the next best thing, there are various items out there to help boost your Sworn Swords Experience gain.

  • First off, it is best to equip these equipment on your main character, that way all your SS gains the boost, but it will cost you your speed or attack, so it is suggested that you do this when you have nothing else planned.
  • Doing this during Tales is a good idea, …

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MGRza MGRza 21 May 2016

Maximizing Speed in Gameplay

  • 1 Maximizing Speed in Gameplay:
  • 2 General Speed up:
  • 3 Hand Item:
  • 4 Body Item:
    • 4.1 Battle Item:
    • 4.2 Trade Item:
    • 4.3 Intrigue Item:
  • 5 Companion:
    • 5.1 Battle Item:
    • 5.2 Trade Item:
    • 5.3 Intrgiue Item:
  • 6 Speed Totals:
    • 6.1 Battle Speed:
    • 6.2 Trade Speed:
    • 6.3 Intrgiue Speed:
  • 7 AvA Speed up:

This guide is different from the one I wrote helping speed up Reincarnation, this guide is here to help you show what items will maximize speed in different areas.

  • Faster Attacks means, Faster attacks, from any of the 9 categories such as Fight, Barter, Spy and so forth and on all actions such as Quests, Adventures, AvA and PtP.
  • Then the speed up grants that states faster Trade attacks applies the same as above but only under Trade categories such as Barter, Swindle and Bribe, the same goes for F…

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MGRza MGRza 12 May 2016

Resource Farming

  • 1 Resource Farming
    • 1.1 The No Gold cost option would be as follow:
      • 1.1.1 Talents .
    • 1.2 Gold Option tips:
      • 1.2.1 Party Category:
      • 1.2.2 Building Upgrades:

When mass crafting one easily runs out of certain resources whether you have all the fealty buildings running on producing crafting materials or not, it gets especially difficult when you have the multiplier where you craft more than one of certain items, below I will give a few brief tips on how to increase resource materials.

This link directs you to the Adventure rewards page ,displaying which adventure drops what including drop rates.

Tully Fealty, Talent, Harvest

2% faster resource completion time for resources, can be upgraded 8 times, endin…

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MGRza MGRza 5 May 2016

Leveling Tips

  • 1 Leveling Tips
    • 1.1 First thing to do is equip gear onto your main character, start with the following.
    • 1.2 Ways to earn Experience for your Character:
    • 1.3 Personal tactics you can activate that boosts experience For you Character:
    • 1.4 Premuim Talents that you can Unlock to boost Experience:
    • 1.5 Personal tactics you can activate that boosts experience For you Sworn Swords:
    • 1.6 Premuim Talents that you can Unlock to boost Experience for Sworn Swords:
    • 1.7 Seals you can buy & equip for your SS to further their Xp gain:

There are numerous ways to increase the % of experience you gain for your character or Sworn Swords.

Hand Item:

  • Countessa Handkerchief

Body Item can be any of the following.

  • John Snow's Armor, Lord Commander
  • The Silent Kingsgaurd's Armor
  • Lord Protec…

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MGRza MGRza 5 May 2016

Easy to obtain Seals

  • 1 Speed Seals along with other easy to obtain seals while playing through volumes.
    • 1.1  Speed Seals & Adventuring
    • 1.2 Peerless Seals you can get.
    • 1.3 Boss Challenge Seals
    • 1.4 Tales Seals
    • 1.5 Alliance Seals
    • 1.6 PtP Seals

  • ====Seal of the Seven====

1% Faster Attacks

Acquired by finishing Seven Stars Boss challenge in the Visions volume.

  • ====Legendary Expert Traveler's Seal====

+1% chance to prevent a wound on a Sworn Sword when failing a Quest, +1% chance to prevent a wound on a Sworn Sword when failing an Adventure, 1% faster completion of all Quests and Adventures.

Acquired by finishing Boss Challenege Lost

  • ====Legendary Ravens Seal of Adventuring====

1% Faster Completion of Adventures.

Obtained by completing the following Boss Challenges

A Clash of Faith


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MGRza MGRza 30 April 2016

Tales of Ice and Fire Set up & Play Tips

Tales are timed events that we get to participate in for a period of four days and some hours.

It consists of three difficulties namely Normal, Hard and Epic, you have to complete the previous to unlock the following difficulty.

Now each difficulty contains of a set amount of stages and each stage consists of three fights which you have to win two of to proceed, lose more than one and you fail the tale , forfeiting the gained rewards and renown you gained. You can spend gold to continue from where you died but it is only an option if you have the gold to spend.

A tale is determined by one or two categories of Battle, either just Battle, or Trade & Intrigue, you choose Sworn Swords based on the requirements of the tale, using your best with th…

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MGRza MGRza 24 April 2016

Tips on best Character equipment for Speeding up Reincarnations.

Speeding up Reincarnations:

Reincarnation is a timely process especially if you go for more than just the fealty buildings. So speeding this up to make it faster is always a good way to go, this however will require some gold on your side. The speed up cap is 70%

First off, the items that’s most cost effective for your main character is the following.

On your hand you can make use of the Burning Sword which speeds up both quests and adventures by 5%. It can be purchased for 49gold.

A Body item would beRobb Stark’s Armor , it speeds up Battle attacks by 5% It can be purchased for 45gold.

A Companion item would be the Direwolf Patriach which speeds up quests by 9%, it can be purchased for34gold.

Those are but three items that you can make use off.…

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MGRza MGRza 22 April 2016

Gold Earning Tips.


a Currency that will always be wanted, needed or coveted... whether it is in real life or in the gaming verse..

At this moment I have started the Reincarnation process with the goal off obtaining the other fealty buildings and then hunting the different fealty achievements, a great bonus to this is the permanent talent points that one can obtain and invest in talents giving you a major boost for your end term character.

This is where I start, Reincarnation means giving up everything and starting from scratch, the first one was the hardest, especially if you didn’t have any gold to help you prepare, my first I only had gold to make one Sworn Sword permanent and that’s how I started, it took time building up again just to lose it in my nex…

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Flaviojs Flaviojs 11 April 2016

Work In Progress

Currently I'm experimenting with Module:Quest/data by gathering data of Bonus Quests, which will be used to build the quest pages and to cross-reference information in other pages.

After that I'll move to the Prologue and/or the Alignment Quests to experiment with quest prerequisites.

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Zurvivor Zurvivor 26 March 2016

Background Info for my Fanfiction

I was reading's rules and it seems that they only want stories there, so I thought I'd put my background info here :)

Zyntas Bloodwater is the Lord of Stormport in the Rainwood of the Stormlands. He is the youngest of the seven children born to Lord Rolfe and Lady Meya of House Coldwater of Coldwater Rush in the Vale. [1] He, along with his elder brother Bryan (sixth child) were sent off to be fostered when Zyntas was four years old. While his brother was sent to be fostered in the North, Zyntas was sent to the Riverlands to be fostered by Lord Dawsin Wayn. The connection between House Wayn and House Coldwater was due to Lord Wayn's wife, Lady Alara Moore of House Moore in the Vale.

Just before Robert's Rebellion, Zyntas marri…

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Zurvivor Zurvivor 24 March 2016


So I decided I want to go ahead and write a GoT: Ascent fanfic, so where is the best place to do that? :p

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Perfectvelvet Perfectvelvet 8 October 2015

Updating Tales Acquisition Data

For anyone willing to help with updating various item cards with acquisition data, here is a handy copy/paste cheat sheet! For peerless and legendaries, the only thing you need to change is the name of the Tale you are using; the examples use Tyrion in Exile and Daughter of the North, so you would need to replace all of those references. For rares, you need to change the name of the tale and change the types of common seals/items you get if you fail the craft.

Paste this information after the

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GhostWolfe GhostWolfe 25 August 2015

Ghost's Hatching Notes

A vaguely organised checklist of "things to do" to quicken/hatch a Dragon Egg.
Navigation: Buildings | Adventures | Crafting | Pyres


  • Volume II, Chapter 9 (Boss Challenge): Darkness Falls or God of Flame and Shadow
  • Volume III, Chapter 5 (Boss Challenge): R'hllor's Judgement or R'hllor's Judgement/Tully
  • Forging Bonds, Part 18 (Chapter Completion): A Test of Faith

One more Pyre:

  • First place Fire at the Arsenal (Alliance Challenge)
  • 9,000 and 24,000 Renown in Tales

Crafting options:

  • 1,000,000,000,000,000x Fine Wood and 1,000,000,000,000,000x Hard Wood
    • Adventure: Supply Run to the Wall (Vol II, Lv 30, Day)
  • 1x Wildfire per attempt
    • Adventure: Gather Fast-Flying Ravens (Vol III, Lv 98, Day)
    • Craft: 2x Pure Water, 2x Flickering Fire, 4x Stone, a bunch…

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Blane the Pain Blane the Pain 12 August 2015

Blane the Pain Protocols for a (semi) decent way to go about the game.


Im brain dumping, ill research more and then fine tune this blog to make it more user friendly, not just random brain dumps on my personal viewpoints on whats important and how to maximize the game to get the most out of it.

I follow a few basic principals. I am, in essence and spirit, an AvA junkie. Again, the game becomes Farmville if you are not crushing those that oppose you under you're boots. After all, isn't that what Westeros is all about?

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Perfectvelvet Perfectvelvet 4 May 2015

Help!: A Primer for New Players

Work in Progress...

  • 1 Welcome, New Players!
  • 2 Starting Out: Creating Your Character
    • 2.1 Your Character
    • 2.2 Your Holding
    • 2.3 Your Background
    • 2.4 Swearing Fealty
    • 2.5 Banner
    • 2.6 Alignments
    • 2.7 Titles
  • 3 Stats: How to Improve Your Success Rate
    • 3.1 Marriage and Betrothal
  • 4 Gear: Being the Best
  • 5 Sworn Swords: How to Train and Equip
  • 6 Quests: The Game in a Nutshell
  • 7 Gold: Spending Real Money for Big Rewards
  • 8 Reincarnation: You Want Me to What?
  • 9 Player versus Player: Test Your Mettle
  • 10 Alliance versus Alliance: Attack, Defend, Loot
  • 11 Best Tips Ever!

So you've read the books and watched the series; now you're ready to try your own hand at the game of thrones. But how do you do it? You've come to the right place!

Game of Thrones: Ascent is a very deep RPG with a ton of content, and…

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Perfectvelvet Perfectvelvet 24 April 2015

Personal Projects

This blog is just a place for me to keep track of the things I'm trying to accomplish.

(Reminder to Self: Add ?action=purge at the end of the web address to recache a page!)

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

General Wiki Tasks

  • Finish the Welcome/FAQ page!!
  • Expand upon character pages to give a more detailed character history - in progress
  • Remove character nav bar from all pages so it can be added to the template
  • Remove items nav bar from all pages so it can be added to the template
  • Create missing character pages
    • Sand Snakes
    • Sons of the Harpy
    • Dosh Khaleen
  • Create category for background-related quests and tag them
  • Create forum post for image renames
  • Create FAQ for tabbed pages
  • Update FAQ page with new links and information
  • Check categories for all qu…

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Orys Lothston Orys Lothston 30 March 2015

Adding new quests

There's no definitive way of adding new quests. I'm going to describe how I do it and also mention some of the other options available. Hopefully contributors will find this helpful. Obviously this also applies to adding any new content and not just quests.


  • I screenshot all story content I'm going to add, rather than trying to type it as I play. I use the windows 7 snipping tool (see tutorial here[[1]]) and sort it into folders for each questline:
  • Then name each quest and variants in order so I can check back later and see what went where: (I'm running two accounts so I have different versions of quests)

Making the questline page

  • Next step is to create the questline category page. I do this by editing the previous one, copying it, t…

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GhostWolfe GhostWolfe 13 March 2015

Lady StormWolfe - Part One

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Faelynne Faelynne 21 February 2015

2015.02.20 What a Difference a Few Weeks Make

We have decided to sit out this AvA until DB makes the game more equitable for all. Our alliance is emerging from a period of intensive reincarnations by many of our strongest players, and so we are still not at full strength. But, we wanted to participate in AvA. While I am certainly not able to explain all of the nuances of how it all should function in gamer terminology, I think that I have an idea what a war ought to look like: We should be fighting our enemies, and we should be working together with our allies against common foes. Furthermore, DB had talked about trying to reduce the amount of attacks on camps that go beyond the point of destruction and death (or pulling out) of all swords.

Instead, the new changes have created a situa…

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Ladyraventree Ladyraventree 9 February 2015

Personal Wikia 'To Do' List

  • Check autocats against Special:Categories. (By Building>)
  • Autocat items by building acquisition.
  • Check cost of building upgrades.
  • Check 'Free Stuff' section.
  • Update AvA rewards.  Streamline AvA pages?
  • Check individual tier cost of Alliance Tactics.
  • Consider new Gold Offer format.
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Faelynne Faelynne 3 February 2015

VSS Officers Log


  • Hand:
  • Lord Commander:
  • Master of Ships:
  • Master of Challenges:
  • Keeper of Ways:


  • Officer
  • Officer
  • Officer
  • Officer

  • Vipers of Sun & Spear

Groundhogs Day--We won the Legendary Aegis Shield, hurray! Ladies Star and Poole are in a tie for 21 reins. Our alliance has a baby dragon and several quickened eggs. We are all pretty tired after all of the reins to strengthen our alliance, but we hope to soon be over this particular part of our development as a team. Very glad for a week of rest built into the AvA cycle for now. If anyone would like to join our alliance, we would love to have you. Please contact us at our email address or our website. Faelynne, 4728417 22:37, February 3, 2015 (UTC)

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Orys Lothston Orys Lothston 11 December 2014

Quests for reincarnation

To reincarnate you need to complete all the quests in volume I. The quests you see will depend on your fealty, your background and sometimes your choices as well. The tabs below show the quests you will need to complete:

There are three questlines to complete in volume I:

  • Kirth questline - these quests follow Kirth around Westeros and tie into the story found in Game of Thrones season I.
  • Neighbouring Nobles - these quests deal with the conflicts you face with your neighbours, jealous of your new noble status.
  • Your Holdings - these quests involve the decisions you must make as a new lord and how they affect your people.

As you can see from the questlines above, they are of unequal length. Without using bread you would expect to finish the Your H…

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Razorgirl Razorgirl 15 November 2014

How to Equip Your Master of Coin

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Perfectvelvet Perfectvelvet 5 November 2014

The Swords of Whisperwind

  • 1 The Swords of Whisperwind
  • 2 Battle
  • 3 Trade
  • 4 Intrigue
  • 5 Still Seeking

A brutal attack on Whisperwind during the Valyrian conflict left many swords dead. Let us take a moment to remember those we have lost:

Tricky Minisa Hunter ... Shyra Waynwood ... Kind Visenya Harclay ... Madam Wynafryd Vance ... Missandei Tallheart ... Merianne Karstark ... Joyeuse Mooton ... Ser Edmund Stokeworth ... Ulmer Rykker

While assisting an ally in Dorne with espionage, several more brave swords were felled: Sneaky Val Hightower ... Myria Vance ... Mylenda Hollard ... Gyles Ironmaker ... Shagwell Banefort ... Melessa mo Nakloz

A practice battle in the Stormlands resulted in the death of Savage Halmon Heddle.

Savage Perianne Blacktyde was felled in the Vale.

During the Even…

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Jaqen Honeycakes Jaqen Honeycakes 28 October 2014

Jaqen Honeycakes lineage

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Razorgirl Razorgirl 7 October 2014

Report Sandbox

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Jackcorbae Jackcorbae 22 September 2014

My Sworn Swords

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William Wodehouse William Wodehouse 5 September 2014

The Wodehouse Workshop - Outfitting

"You... ...are late boy!"

  • 1 The Wodehouse Workshop
  • 2 Outfitting your Sworn Sword
    • 2.1 Introduction
    • 2.2 Your Character
    • 2.3 Questing
    • 2.4 Selecting a Protector
  • 3 So let's give Su an intermediate outfitting
  • 4 And finally let's give Su an advanced outfitting.

Right, so you think you are ready to go out and explore Westeros on your own. Are you fully prepared? Do you know what you are going to face? In, fact do you even know what you can actually do. Before stepping out of the practice yard, let’s ask a few questions.

The very first thing you should understand before outfitting your young Sworn Sword, is that before she is equipped with anything, she already reflects all the skill ranks and ability bonuses from your character and your keep. Basically, this means t…

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Cynth Wylde Cynth Wylde 2 September 2014

Reincarnation Devotional

    • 14.1 Reactivating the Quest

By Lord Perros Daxos and Lady Serra Reynes

This guide is for a player whose strategy is to reincarnate as fast as possible with the goal to get all the Fealty Buildings of Great Houses. It might be useful for other reincarnation strategies too, but keep in mind that purpose of this guide is high speed of the whole reincarnation process.

Reincarnation is a long process and needs a lot of patience. When you reincarnate, you …

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Cynth Wylde Cynth Wylde 1 September 2014

Boot Camp for Newbies

Welcome Northern Lands Bannerman!

  • 1 Protocol
  • 2 So what do I do now? 
  • 3 Where are you going?
  • 4 The Wodehouse Workshop? 

The first thing you must understand here in the practice yard, is that you will not become a warrior in a day, a week or even in a year. It takes training, listening and discipline. However, we are here to help you become the best that you can be. That is, if you are willing. Now pick up your sword...

As soon as you arrive, send a raven to your leader and introduce yourself. They will want to know your Time zone, Fealty, level and how many times you have reincarnated, if at all. You will then be assigned to an officer and a camp. Go to the chat room and introduce yourself. This is not to embarrass you, but to get to know you and aid…

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Itenion Itenion 9 August 2014

Wikia Work blog

It's been a while since my last post, I know. As you may have already seen, I've been working on GoTA Player Tools, which took me a better part of last month. I wasn't gonna spoil it by posting updates on that project, so it may have seemed I was in my lazy mode. I was still around tho, working on some smaller things, helping on forum and stuff like that.

As per Raz's request, Free Stuff page now has all possible rewards listed on 1 page again, but I kept the Nav Bars. Took some scripting acrobatics to figure out how I can use all 3 types of Nav Bar on same page, but I think I got it working now. If you find some glitches tho, let me know.

Bwahaha! I haz made wikia sub-menus! Me so happy, me try to done dat for so long!

Updated info on Luck and s…

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Siqueirajr4 Siqueirajr4 20 July 2014

Well, I can't lie...

... but this very first post is to win a badge.

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Itenion Itenion 3 July 2014

WIKI Front Page design

This wiki is an awsome tool to everyone playing this game. Kudos to everyone helping to make it even better!

However, there is something that's been bothering me for quite some time (and when I say bother, I mean that it could be improved) -the front page of this wiki. Once people kow how great it is, they will come back. But for the newcomers, first impression might be a bit off, when looking at the front page.

The idea I had - and I'm not even sure that's possible at all - was to make the front page look more like in-game screen. Something to catch your attention when you first come to this wiki. I think the top bar (the one under menu, with search bar, view source button etc.)  can't really be moved / changed, but the rest of it might be …

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NaharTrangoul NaharTrangoul 19 June 2014

First day \ První den

První den, anglická wiki a český uživatel..... Bude to boj, ale já se nedám ;)

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Razorgirl Razorgirl 15 June 2014

How to Buy and Spend Gold

Gold is the most precious tangible commodity of the game. So this guide has been created to help you to spend your Gold wisely.

  • 1 When to Purchase Gold
    • 1.1 Bonus Item Specials
  • 2 First Priority (10 )
    • 2.1 Brewhouse 10 
  • 3 Building Upgrades (5+ )
    • 3.1 Money Chests  12 
    • 3.2 Horseshoes 5 
    • 3.3 Foreign Diplomat 5 
  • 4 Talents (10+ )
    • 4.1 Sand Steed 10 
    • 4.2 Negotiator 10 
    • 4.3 Other Actions 10 
  • 5 Items and Companions (23+ )
    • 5.1 Speed Set
    • 5.2 Defence Set
    • 5.3 Attack Set
  • 6 Sworn Swords (3 - 35 )
  • 7 Making Troops or Items Permanent (2+ )

At some point, you may decide that you're enjoying the game enough to blow $20 (or more) on purchasing gold. Don't. Disruptor Beam don't deserve your time nor your money.

The first time that you purchase Gold, if you purchase $20 worth you will gain double the amo…

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Razorgirl Razorgirl 14 June 2014

Checklist Prior to Reincarnation

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FreedomParx FreedomParx 13 June 2014

Game Of Thrones Ascent player cards

I was bored so I decided to make some players that I'd like to see in the game.

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Raylan13 Raylan13 9 June 2014

E3 Live Discussion

E3 is finally here! All week long we'll be covering the gaming world, and each night at 4:00 pm PST we'll be shooting some video featuring those of us that were lucky enough to attend, as well as some hard working Wikians.

We'd like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for gaming fans to let us know what they want to hear discussed. Is it a particular developer's panel? A new game? Updates for an existing, beloved game? Maybe you hoped to hear about another game entirely! Whatever the topic, go ahead and let us know what interests you the most, and we'll make sure to include it in our list of topics from other communities.

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Razorgirl Razorgirl 9 June 2014

Burning Through Reincarnation (Detailed)

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Andy5421ab Andy5421ab 8 June 2014

Alignments of Game Of Thrones Characters: Lord Varys

With the Game Of Thrones Ascent Alignments, let's see what Alignments the real charecters from Game Of Thrones would have and why....

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FreedomParx FreedomParx 3 June 2014

The Mountain And The Viper

This episode had some of the biggest game changers as any episode I can remember. Not just for the epic fight at the end, but the (apparent) ending of Jorah's service to Khaleesi, and the maturing of Sansa. I'm finally learning to put my expectations aside while watching this amazing story unfold. What role will Arya play now? She's got a truck load of revenging to do, and perhaps now the resources to do it. And The Mountain. Is he finished? His ending reminded me of how Walter White faded to black. A big question mark.

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FreedomParx FreedomParx 29 May 2014

Kicking myself

I'm officially an idiot. I was waiting for a timer to get down to 5 minutes so I could speed up for free.

Instead, I hit it 1 second early and paid 2 gold.  *sad trombone*

-- update

I opened a ticket and explained my mistake, and a very nice DB helper monkey refunded my gold.

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Bashir Vassar Bashir Vassar 20 May 2014

Bashir's Worklog

In an effort to catalogue my work on the wiki, I decided to setup a worklog page where I can document any extensive or important undertakings I perform. This is both for me to track my own work, as well as for administrators and other contributors to easily see at a glance why I might have performed any serious edits (though I always do summarize as well). I won't be including every minor edit I perform obviously, and I can't promise I'll keep this updated either, but it should serve a purpose for now and is a bit easier on the eyes than the standard contrib listing. For anyone looking for a detailed list of my edits of course, you can visit my contributions page.

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Bashir Vassar Bashir Vassar 17 May 2014

Vassari Swords

As one might expect from a Braavosi-raised merchant, appearances do matter in my household. As such, I'm compiling a list of the various candidates who have come knocking on our gates to offer their fealty and services in exchange for the wealth we have to offer. The purpose of this is to assist me in deciding where their talents might be best used.

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Itenion Itenion 2 May 2014


This is a personal quick & dirty table of most useful fealty talents. I didn't bother writing descriptions, so for anyone reading this use a little bit of logic (armor - speed means production etc.).

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The Ice Dragons The Ice Dragons 24 April 2014

New Adventure Parties are in

New adventures are in Vol. IV They unlockk by reincarnating with new fealties. Sucks that they're not retroactive on our past reincarnations.

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The Ice Dragons The Ice Dragons 19 March 2014

Get Ready for the Next Phase

Right now would be a good time to start hoarding materials for next phase.

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