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First and foremost, alignment is a role-playing tool of the game, which lets you decide who you are or who you want to be. While your decisions about alignment mostly affect role-playing aspect of the game, there are some differences in quests and also some rewards as well. Alignment is separated into three categories: TraditionIntegrity and Duty.

Second, alignment is needed for certain goals: in the Achievements section 'lineage' there are various achievements that request a high alignment in a specific area. E.g. for the achievement 'true knight' you need a 'hedge knight background' and a high alignment in 'New Ways'; 'Realm' and 'Truthful'.


Alignment Old Ways Icon

The Old Ways embody the traditions of the Children Of The Forest, and the First Men, personal justice and respect for the Old Gods.

Alignment New Ways Icon
The New Ways embody chivalry, worship of the faith of the Seven or the new traditions of R'hllor, and modern thinking.


Alignment Truthful Icon
Being Truthful means being frank avoiding lies and building strong bonds of trust.  Also means "acting in a straightforward way." Note: It is possible to be Truthful and still be good at Intrigue.

Alignment Cunning Icon

Being Cunning means thinking pragmatically, avoiding revealing too much information to others, and taking advantage of opportunities.  Also means "taking advantage of opportunities and looking for ways to gain profit."


Alignment Realm Icon
A duty to Realm that you believe the good of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms is paramount.

Alignment Family Icon
A duty to Family means placing the interest of yourself and those close to you above all else.

No AlignmentEdit

Alignment None Icon
On some quests, the options will not present you with an alignment you are pursuing. Some of the options do not have any alignment symbol attached to them. This means the choice is an unaligned choice. By choosing this option, you will not gain any alignment bonus on that quest. All other rewards will be awarded based on your bonuses.


When doing Sworn Sword Quests or Bonus Quests, you are presented with 6 action options (Fight, Harass etc.). Choosing a different Alignment will present you with a different set of those actions, and sometimes even with different difficulty of those actions.


There are 3 types of rewards associated with alignment:

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